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4 Wallpaper Myths Debunked

Wallpaper can be a beautiful addition to the home, but some common misconceptions deter people from buying the product. Before purchasing wallpaper, consider the following information from the Wallcoverings Association:
MYTH 1: Wallpaper is not a good choice for kitchens and baths.
The truth: Kitchens are in fact ideal places to decorate with wallcoverings. They look great, and the protective coating on most wallpapers make them washable; many are even scrubbable, so maintenance is a snap.
Because todays wallpapers can mimic any surface tile, stone, metal and are designed to coordinate with cabinetry and appliances, theyre an affordable way to update a kitchen. Wallpaper is the best way to spruce up guest bathrooms where theres no shower, and even in bathrooms with a tub or shower, most wallpapers work well. Just use the proper adhesive recommended in the manufacturers instructions to ensure it stays put.
MYTH 2: Wallpaper is a hassle to hang and remove.
The truth: Todays high-performance, easy-hang wallpaper (many known as non-woven) are easy to hang and remove a great alternative to ordinary paint. Installation is quick and requires less patching and sanding, fewer coats and less waiting time between steps than paint. When its time to redecorate, most wallpapers come off with ease.
MYTH 3: You get tired of wallpaper very quickly.
The truth: People are often so pleased with their selection that on average, they keep the same pattern up for many years (paint has about a three-year life span). And theres a vast selection, whether you want to highlight one wall with an attention-getting wallpaper or give an entire room a beautiful look.
MYTH 4: Wallpaper is a big commitment.
The Truth: If you fear commitment, self-adhesive, temporary wall dcor products are great options. These peel-and-stick products can be mixed, matched and layered, and theyre repositionable and removable, therefore perfect for rentals or dorm rooms.
Nor is wallpaper off-limits if you live in a rental. Many lease agreements stipulate that walls must be in move-in condition when the lease is up. Fortunately, todays easy-hang wallpapers may protect walls from everyday scratches and gouges, so landlords will likely grant permission. No special removal tools are required; simply tug at a corner, and entire sheets are down in minutes without marring walls.
Tips courtesy of the Wallcoverings Association www.wallcoverings.org.
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