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5 Essential SEO Tips for Self Defense Websites

After last years election, the number of Americans taking self-defense classes has surged. This is particularly true for women and minorities, many of whom no longer feel safe.

This means that self-defense websites can expect to see increased traffic, as long as theyre following best practices for SEO.

Read on, to learn the best SEO tips for self defense websites.

Top SEO Tips for Self Defense Websites

Over the past 5-6 years, Google has continued to release update after update, changing how we think about SEO.

Here are 5 SEO tips you should know:

1. Reconsider Your Keywords

When was the last time you thought about the keywords youre targeting? Its a waste of time to focus on keywords that potential clients and customers arent even searching for.

Your keywords will be related to the topics youre blogging about. For example, if you blog about stun guns, you may have keywords like TBOTECH, Most popular stun guns etc.

You need to take some time to find the best possible keywords- the ones that turn into clients or purchases. This is often where long tail keywords come in, and theyre a great way for you to rank higher in Google based on common searches.

Instead of self-defense classes, consider something like Best self-defense classes Chicago. And instead of Self defense tips, a long-tail option would be Top self-defense tips for women.

2. Step Up Your Content Marketing

Like it or loathe it, content marketing is here to stay. And it remains one of the best ways for you to improve your SEO, attract new clients, and position your business as an expert in the self-defense world.

Gone are the days when you could slap together an article, stuff it with keywords, and climb the rankings. Google is far too smart for that. Instead, you need to write useful, unique, optimized content that will naturally appeal to both readers and search engines.

3. Optimize For Mobile

Google is a giving preference to mobile friendly sites. But its not enough to simply choose a mobile-friendly theme. This should be a given. Instead, you need to design it so it loads better and faster.

Use medium resolution images, turn off autoplay on your videos, display your content first. There are many things you can do to show Google that your site is attractive to mobile users.

4. Aim for Snippets

When you ask Google a question, youll often get a little box of content at the top which answers that question. That box includes a link back to your website, and its SEO gold.

To make this happen for your website, you simply need to focus on answering F&Qs about self-defense and make sure you write them in bullets and steps.

5. Optimize Your Website

Finally, you need to check if your website is optimized correctly. This includes your:

Homepage title Homepage meta description Subpage titles and meta tags Call-to-actions Headings and subheadings

Whenever possible, these should include descriptive copy about your website. Include your keywords, and encourage visitors to click through and read your content.

Get Started

Hopefully, the above SEO tips for self defense websites will give you a good place to get started with your SEO this year. What has been working for your website? Let us know about it in the comments section!

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