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5 Tips For Planning A Wedding On A Small Budget - Read This Before You Plan Your Wedding

Planning a wedding on a small budget is now an option for a lot of couples. The economy being what it is and the times being what they are, almost every wedding requires a budget - and most times, it is quite small. We no longer have dowries after all, and typically the marrying couple chooses to pay for the bulk of the celebration themselves. Planning a wedding with a not so big budget may seem impossible, but all you have to do is follow these essential tips.
Tip #1: Planning Your Reception
Quite often, your reception will be even more expensive than the wedding ceremony itself. After all, there is eating, drinking, dancing, etc. Because many reception halls and venues tend to be very expensive, you need to be careful about what you choose. Having the reception at the home of a loved one may be the best idea. Gardens, parks, and other local venues are also an option, as they tend to either be free or relatively inexpensive.
Tip #2: Buying the Gown
A bride's wedding gown should make her feel beautiful, like a princess. You might think that you have to spend a fortune for that to happen, but that is not so. On the contrary, you can consider wearing the wedding dress worn by your mother or grandmother. They can be suitable with only a few alterations and will make your special day that much more so. There is also the option of going through secondhand shops for a beautiful antique gown as well. And if you know anyone good at denying or sewing, well, a gown would make the perfect wedding present!
Tip #3: Who to Invite
You have the opportunity to save a lot of money - or spend a lot of it - when you are making out your guest list. Remember, you are under no obligation to invite every single person you know. If you are going for a small wedding, simply invite the people who are most important to you. Your friends and family will help make the day even more memorable.
Tip #4: Shutterclick Savings
It comes as no surprise that hiring a photographer can cost you a very pretty penny. There is a way to get around this while still having lots of beautifully captured pictures of your ceremony and reception. Two words, folks: disposable cameras. Place a bunch of them on each table at the reception. Let your guests snap the pictures that they think are most important. And if you have a friend who is particularly skilled at taking pictures, they can take the posed ones for you - again, a perfect wedding gift! Sometimes, planning a wedding on a small budget is the best option of all, because it means you can capture memories like this.
Tip #5: How to Invite
Now, we have already talked about planning out your guest list, but what about the invitations? As aforementioned, when you are planning a wedding on a small budget, you have the option of adding lots of little touches that you could not otherwise. When it comes to the invitations, why not try designing handwritten ones? They will add a special personal touch, making the occasion just as special for your guests.
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