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6 Ways To Load Your Blog Faster!

As a programmer myself, sometimes I can really Geek in adding more stuff on my blog until the blog loads super slow! So I have recently done many new changes to my blog the past 3 days. If you have reading my blog for sometimes you will noticed the blog now loads faster then before.
Why Fast Loading is Important?
On the Internet and Blogsphere you will only have 4 seconds to proof that your blog has really good content so if your page loads really slow do you think the viewer will stay on your blog? The answer is obviously NO.
Getting your content right in front of your viewers is very important as it will grab their attention on things you load on your blog.
6 Pointers to Load Your Blog Faster
1. Reduce all your blog images to file size 60% resolution quality, each image should not bigger then 20 to 50k size. Note the more images you have on your blog the longer it takes to load.
2. Reduce the number of post to display on your main page, I just reduce mine from 10 to 5 and I felt a major different in speed loading on my blog.
3. Move all your tracking scripts to your footer.php area, those scripts should be the last thing you want to load on your blog so that it will stop the loading of images on your blog.
4. Move all sidebar widgets like mybloglog to the end of your sidebar so that loading of your sidebar will run smooth.
5. Increase font size of your blog to allow easy viewing, I have recently increase the body font from 12 to size 14.
6. Increase Title text to bigger font to attract attention with a h1 tag on the title
That's about it, you should noticed your blog loading much faster after you did these changes.
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