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7 Dazzling Outdoor Holiday Lighting Ideas

Nothing says competition like the holidays. Remember when you were a kid and your family always tried to one-up what they had done the year before?

Its contagious, isnt it?

Now youre an adult and youre looking for the best outdoor holiday lighting ideas for your own home.

Look no further because weve got you covered with 7 awesome ideas to get you started.

1. Wrap It Up

Think about candy canes and how they swirl. You can create a similar effect with your outdoor holiday lighting.

Wrap your lights up and over and around your fencing, house columns, whatever you have available.

Too much house for you to do this alone?

There are professional services like Texas Firman Christmas Lighting who can help you out.

2. Plants

Using the base of plants on your porch or trees in your yard is a great way to spice things up for the holidays.

Nothing is better than sitting on your porch swing in the middle of winter, sipping on warm cider and enjoying the outdoor holiday lighting.

3. Lanterns

This is a timeless classic. You can purchase these at any holiday store and line your driveway or walking paths with them.

If you want to next level your outdoor holiday lighting, go with a bright color like blue or purple.

If you dont want to spend the cash, you can use snowballs as the base for your own temporary homemade lanterns.

4. Outdoor Furniture

Chances are good your outdoor furniture isnt getting much use during the winter months. Give yourself a reason to change that.

Have any extra styrofoam laying around? You can make your own particle lights!

You can hang wreaths and lights on your porch swings or poolside furniture to give it some cozy overtones. This makes for great holiday parties.

5. Decorate Your Snowman

If your kids (or you) spent half the day making a snowman, let the whole neighborhood see him in the evening.

Nothing will brighten up the faces of the kids on the block more than seeing a bright and shining Frosty in your yard.

6. Use Useless Items

We all have wicker baskets laying around the house. We probably dont even remember why theyre around or why we havent thrown them away.

Melting snow, and water in general, has a habit of ruining things we dont want to be ruined. Anyone who has been the victim of a leaky pipe can tell you that.

So use worn out items and cheap purchases from your local drugstore to give this years decoration ideas an edge without breaking the bank.

7. DIY Outdoor Holiday Lighting

Maybe throwing up some lights and calling it a day just isnt good enough for you anymore.

If this is the case, its time to go full DIY mode. You make some pretty cool things with cheap supplies. Check out these festive light balls.

When youre decorating for the holidays, its up to you, your personal taste, and how much energy youre willing to put into it.

Weve given you some ideas that can spice up your home and yard and we think youre ready to get the party started.

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