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A Natural Cure For Acne May Prove Effective Without The Side Effects Of Many Prescription Drugs

There are natural cures for acne and other maladies that have been around for centuries. These cures work but not each natural cure works for every person. Since everyone's body chemistry is different, each person has their own triggers for acne and different helpful natural remedies. Even though acne occurs for the same basic reason in each person, hair follicles plugged with skin cells and an overproduction of sebum allowing an overgrowth of normal skin bacteria, the reason for these things to occur may vary with each individual.
A natural cure for acne might involve improving the health of the skin. Part of the cause of acne comes from dead skin cells sticking together and forming a plug. It also involves an overgrowth of normal skin bacteria. If your skin has all the necessary building blocks, often you can prevent some of the damage. This does not mean that everyone with acne has unhealthy skin, quite the contrary. It means that some people that have acne might need to improve the health of their skin to prevent further breakouts, with the emphasis on some people.
Flushing your body of toxins is another natural cure that is inexpensive and simply requires you remember to do it. You can flush your body by drinking plenty of water. Water rehydrates your system and flushes away all the impurities that build up. The extra flushing action benefits those with other toxins in their body.
A natural acne cure can be inexpensive and work on the outside of the body. If you have plugged hair follicles, the easiest way to prevent them from bursting and spreading infection is to unplug them. Exfoliation and facials are the best way to do this. Natural materials do not contain substances that may lead to other skin reactions. Of course, if you are allergic to any substance, there is an increased chance of a reaction, whether it is natural or manmade.
A good example of a natural acne cure is the use of a lemon juice on the face. While lemon juice or a slice of lemon rubbed on the face often helps reduce redness and helps clear blemishes, it does have a down side. Sometimes it stings. The lemon has a disinfectant property and the citric acid helps unclog the pores. It is simple and yet, for some people, works very well.
Almond oil is another natural cure for acne. You can make a paste of almond oil by putting a few in a small coffee grinder and pulverizing them. Once they become a gritty powder, mix a little water and apply it to your face. Allow it to remain on your face until it dries, then use a washcloth to rub it away. The almond oil combined with the abrasive action of removing the paste helps clear the acne in many people.
Oatmeal is another great natural acne cure. Not only can you use the oatmeal to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells so they do not plug the hair follicles, you also can use it as a facemask. If you ever allowed a bowl of oatmeal to dry, you recognize that it becomes almost a plastic sheet or ball of material. Using the oatmeal as a mask allows the oatmeal to draw out the skin impurities and then lock them in as you peel it off your skin.
Another natural cure for acne is a facemask of honey. Honey is a natural disinfectant so when you apply it, it not only draws off the dead cells, it also kills the bacteria. Germs do not grow on honey. That is why honey does not spoil. It also contains nourishing ingredients that soften your skin.
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