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A Review Of The BaByliss Pro Carrera Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

With its ionic technology, ceramic and tourmaline components and a large, powerful motor all housed inside a sleek, contoured outer casing, this BaByliss hair dryer does look like it delivers as promised. And, on the whole it does, with just a couple of shortcomings - but, nothing's perfect.
If you want to get shiny, healthy hair without that 'frizzy, blow dried' look you should definitely be thinking of negative ions. Negative ions are good for hair as they close the cuticle and break down water droplets into micro-droplets that can be absorbed into the hair shaft, reducing drying time, helping to hydrate your hair, giving it a shinier look and healthier look.
The only problem is that traditional blow dryers produce positive ions, which are bad news for hair; they dry your hair but open up the cuticle, giving your hair split ends.
So, when looking for a new hair dryer, look for one that is ionic and comes with ceramic and tourmaline components - both increase the number of negative ions.
As the name suggests, the BaByliss Pro Carrera Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer produces lots of negative ions. It also features other good points like a powerful 1900 watt motor, 10 foot power cord, tourmaline, 3 heat settings (cool, warm and hot), 3 speed settings, a cool shot button and a concentrator nozzle. Another nice feature is the contoured, ergonomic handle.
Many consumer hair dryer reviews give this appliance a high rating overall. They like the large motor and heat/speed settings and, most importantly, they like the end results.
Currently, it retails for around $80, which is a good price for such a feature-rich appliance.
However, there are one or two down sides to the Pro Carrera. It may seem a little on the heavy side for some, weighing 1.26 lbs. However, this isn't that bad when compared to other brands, especially when you consider it comes with a large 1900 AC watt motor. In fact, most other brands weigh more. You have to look at the T3 Tourmaline Featherweight Hair Dryer to find one that weighs substantially less (13 ounces) but it does come with a smaller, 1800 watt motor.
Another criticism leveled against it is that the position of the buttons on the handle means that you inadvertently press them when you hold the dryer, changing the settings. However, this is a pretty unfair complaint, as the control buttons on just about all other brands are in exactly the same position. There are some models where the buttons are on the side of the handle but this makes things even worse. Anyhow, after a couple of times of using it, you won't find it a problem.
The biggest minus point about the BaByliss hair dryer has to be the lack of other attachments like a diffuser or comb. If it had come with these attachments as standard it would have made this appliance almost perfect. Still, if you don't ever use them, it may the perfect their dryer.
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