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Accidents at Workplace

In order to make a living, you have to walk out of your home and go for a job. You need to work hard to make ends meet in today's troubled economy. But you can't ignore the fact that there is a great amount of risk when you are at your workplace. Risk of health, risk of life and risk of any minor or severe injury is quite common when you are at workplace. Though, your employer may have guided you about the health and safety issues that arise when you are at workplace, but there are certain accidents that are just beyond your control. Almost every company, today, is obliged to pay you some amount as compensation for certain incidents and accidents that harm your health and keep you away from your job. Some of the common accidents at workplace are:
- Death,
- Major injury like spinal or nervous injury,
- Dangerous accidents like scaffolding breakdown, inhaling harmful gases in chemical factories etc.,
- Any injury that keeps you bedridden for several days or months,
- Fatal disease like cancer or respiratory tract disease etc.
If you come across any of these accidents, incidents, injuries or health disorders, you are eligible for claiming the compensation for injury at workplace. However, in this case, the employee should be innocent. Moreover, your employer is responsible to carry out risk assessment and should take all the precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of his workers. The employer should decide about the first aid service providers and first aid facilities and medicines to be provided at the time of incident at workplace. Whatever safety measures may be provided by the employers, but the employees should be careful and take necessary care of their own health.
But if an employee meets a severe accident at workplace, he is eligible to claim for compensation, provided that the employer should be at fault. The victim can claim for compensation within three years of the incident where he has to take the help of a lawyer to carry out all the legal procedures. By law, the employer is liable to cover the claim. Here are a few things that the victim needs to do immediately after an accident at work:
- Record the injury in an "accident note book"
- Assure that you employer has reported the incident to the concerned department
- Check the written statement of employment to find any details regarding the compensation for accident at work
- You need to discuss with your employer if there are disputes arising
- You can contact the health and safety representative if you notice some problems at work
- You can directly contact the concerned department if you want to claim a compensation for injury at work.
Thus, once you have all the records and essential documents in hand, you can claim for compensation for the injuries at work. But make sure that you can prove yourself to be innocent or else you may have to pay a huge amount to the other party in the case.
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