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Adding Stickers to Your Scrapbook

There are many mediums in the scrapbooking world that are popular even among other industries. And the stickers, being one of the most versatile options we have can be found useful in crafts aside from scrapbooking.
Since the first stickers were created, there are obviously hundreds of developments in the sticking world, all are for the name of making things lovely and playful.
Making your own stickers
If there is one thing covered in the midpoint of scrapbooking, it might be proper to assume that it is all about bring out your personality in the craft. After all, your uniqueness will radiate in each page and design that you make. Or in the layout that you have planned and is planning to finish.
Personalized stickers are anything from making stickers with your names on it or any designs that would better represent your being you.
Sticker makers, on the other hand, are so popular among scrappers since these can be manipulated to produce stickers of your own concept or of your own choice. This is best when you have a specific theme in your mind and nothing may provide you with the embellishments needed to complete the needed components.
Create lines
Normally, stickers when done incorrectly would create almost permanent mistakes. If you would want to get around such incorrect decisions, you may try the old school technique of pencil marking for guideline. However, if you would not want risking your page with rubbed pencil marks, you may choose the alternative of setting Post-It-Notes as your outline. You can lace these sticky friends on any position you want and use them as your guide, without the hassle of making pencil marks.
In scrapbooking, there would be times when too few ideas pass your thoughts. In case you need an immediate result for your album, you can try using stickers as your background. Again, you might prepare this one or buy them from craft shops.
Long nails work wonders
You can take advantage of your long nails when peeling-off stickers. Many types of peel-offs are delicate or very sensitive to folding. If you have long nails then you might be able to lessen the possibility of creating "dents" on the sides of the stickers. If however, you have none then make use of scissors and grab a hold on the edge.
Make the layers
Stickers are partly meant to be layered. You can simply attach the stickers on blank papers or cardstocks and spice up the design with other sticky buddies. This is normally used for concepts that portray scenes. Say a floral design with lots of butterflies and blooming flowers on it.
Greeting Stickers
Make a neat alternative or handwriting. Any self-respecting bookstore, craft shop or scrapbooking vendors will have some supplies of stickers that say something. You may even enhance peel-offs with permanent markings and accessory colors to get the hues you want.
Dealing with sticker mistakes
Often, no matter how sure we are in placing stickers, we still might find flaws in doing them. Sometimes they are so misplaced that they tend to unforgiving on our pages. And when this incident occurs, most people would normally despair and leave everything in their incorrect places.
How to fix stickers:
- The common solution would be to carefully peel off the stickers by using adhesive removers or erasers. This solution might cause some damage on the stickers but with gentle operation, your layout would be safe from any scratch.
- If you cant remove the sticker with any other way possible, you might fix it by covering it by a larger one or an embellishment that would cover the entire stuff.
- Coordinated papers may work best for your misplaced stickers. The trick here is to make everything intentional.
- Sometimes, it is from the mistakes that we create better. Who knows how many ideas may sprout from your out of place sticker.
Waste nothing
Now you're done with your sticky works, the last thing you would want to do is to throw the sheets left. Its amazing how much these left-overs would do for you once you've collected them in bulk. You may use a paper trimmer to create boarders or punchers to produce small designs.
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