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All Natural Healing of Peeling Skin

Excessively dry skin is a severe problem for many people during the colder months. The mixture of chilly air and indoor heating creates the ideal environment for the appearance of dry, peeling skin on hands, feet, and maybe even your face.
People moisturize and moisturize in order to improve dry skin but this can have results that are counterproductive. Dry skin that breaks out during colder months should be relieved from the inside and not just with aloe vera or water. Due to an all natural component embodied in certain skin care products, you can biologically hydrate dry skin areas from the deepest layers of your own skin.
Dry Skin Cure
At first glance, dry skin looks to be just an elementary issue that can he treated without too much trouble. The fact is that it doesn't take too long to recognize that dry skin and eczema are debilitating skin problems that affect millions of people every year. The afflictions can often prompt uncomfortable stares along with the physical painful feelings of dry, peeling skin.
So the issue becomes how do you treat excessively dry skin? You can not just leave it alone and wait for the skin to heal itself. If left untreated, dry skin can turn into itchy, broken skin that turns into a breeding ground for hazardous bacteria.
How to Heal Dry Face at Home
The simple approach to dry skin care is to use moisturizing cream over the entire body, every day, after showering. While it is true that water needs to be recuped in order to avoid flaking and infection, normal creams can actually damage your skin more than help it.
Moisture needs to be restored in the lipid barrier of skin, which is under the outer layers. The trouble is most elements in moisturizing creams do not delve deep enough into the skin to make it to this critical layer. Yes, moisturizing creams keep moisture in the superficial layers but they also obstruct cracks and holes that are needed to discharge germs and impurities. If toxins can't escape, they can irritate already uncomfortable skin. Moisturizing lotions too aren't strong enough to be the key to treating cracked heels or feet. Cracked heels need a stronger treatment.
People enjoy seeing aloe vera on the label of their moisturizing products but many people have no idea what it does or how it helps relieve dry skin. The truth is that aloe vera is mainly used as an ingredient to control and relieve burns like UV burn or chemical burns. It has no scientifically proven ability to hydrate skin. When applied in extreme amounts, it can cause nausea, muscle pain, and even electrolyte imbalances.
All Natural Healing of Dry Skin
There is a new all natural dry skin element, that when applied topically, can moisturize and allay dry skin by repairing the lipid barrier of the skin. It actually clears our pores and doesn't block them, allowing for the normal exit of toxins and impurities. It works biologically treat skin problems like eczema, red rashes, dermatitis, rosacea, and even children's cradle cap.
When applied to fresh, clean skin, the all natural dry skin treatment will fuse with your own skin cells and:
* saturate the skin and initiate the normal recuperative processes of the skin.
* moisturize and renew the lipid barrier of the skin. The balm will hydrate the skin from within by holding water within and fortify the ability of your system to generate the water holding molecules in the skin. Glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans supply the skin elasticity and strength. This helps prevent over-stretching, wrinkles plus the scaling of dry skin.
* repair and fix dry, inflamed skin back to health using rose hip oil, a natural source of both trans retinoic acid (Vitamin A). Rose hip contains fatty acids that have curative, moisturizing and rejuvenating abilities. It helps cell renewal and boosts levels of collagen and elastin ingredients.
* destroy microbes and make the skin an undesirable place for future breeding grounds. This prevents bacterial proliferation and helps avoid future issues like skin peeling.
* Liposomes in the serum penetrate deep into cells and continue to provide biological molecules to the cells for up to 12 hours.
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