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All The Facts And Myths About Laser Treatments

Myth 1: I'm only in my 20s or 30s so I don't need laser treatments.
Fact: According to Dr Dana Elliott, doing a laser treatment is similar to giving your skin a work out, which keeps it in peak condition. It is better to prevent than cure. So, if you start your treatments now, your face will retain its youthfulness 10 years or more down the road.
Myth 2: Laser treatments are very painful.
Fact: These days, most treatments are quite painless. With more advanced technology, most machines are non-ablative and less invasive. Some even come with cooling tips which soothe the skin as the laser works, reducing redness and discomfort.
Myth 3: Laser treatments expose your skin to infections.
Fact: The treatments don't cause any infections simply because no skin is broken during treatment. Since it doesn't break skin and no veins are exposed, there is very little risk of infection.
Myth 4: Laser treatments are addictive.
Fact: You can stop your treatments anytime. However, once you see how effective they are, it will definitely be difficult to go back to regular facials!
Myth 5: You can never expose your skin to the sun again after laser treatments.
Fact: It's best to use a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 to maintain your new youthful skin if you want to go out in the sun. With the increase in global warming, you should be wearing sunscreen when you are outdoors - even if you have never had treatments!
Myth 6: Laser treatments are so costly that only the super rich can afford them.
Fact: The treatments are not cheap but if you are already buying face creams regularly to get rid of pigmentation, etc, the accumulation of those creams over time will also be costly. Moreover, the treatments are more effective so the savings and the advantages are more apparent.
Myth 7: A laser treatment will burn your skin and cause redness or swelling for months.
Fact: Always make sure you do your treatments with certified experts. You may experience a slight rosy colour on your skin for a few days at worse. Most treatments have no downtime and you can usually go back to your normal activities after the treatment.
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