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An Hypnosis Exercise To Help You Quit Smoking

This is one of the quit smoking hypnosis exercise that you can utilize to quit smoking. This is using your mind power to stop smoking as it has helped other people who were addicted to the cigarette.
Read the following text aloud while you record it. Play the recording 1 or twice a day or every time you feel like smoking. This is actually a traditional self hypnosis together with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).
You can sit or lie down, relax...close your eyes and say "I am now in the future where I do not smoke anymore. I see, hear and smell all my environment. I feel very happy because I have no more cravings to smoke and this is so real.
I have completely forgotten how it feels like to smoke. The cravings do not bother me at all. I now look back and recalled how I easily quit smoking. The feeling of not having the cravings amazes me and fills me with energy. I never even think of smoking again.
I feel completely free without cigarettes. I feel great not being dependant by cigarettes. I am free to do whatever I want to do. I want to remember these moments for a long long time so when I go back, I will remember these future moments of being smoke free"
Next, create an anchor for remembering being smoke free in the future. You clench your fist or anything anchor that you want and hold it for a few seconds.
"I am in the future again, and I am smoke free and not bothered by cigarettes. My life is great. And this feels so real." Repeat this step again to anchor the feelings that you have by clenching your fist for a few seconds.
Now, the clenching of your fist will associate the great smoke free feelings and emotions in your mind and brain.
Bring back yourself to this moment presently while clenching your fist. You have now created an anchor for the state of a smoke free person. Repeat this exercise until the anchor works instantly.
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