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An Overview of Miami DUI School

In Miami, DUI or Driving Under Influence is a very common issue, for which countless citizens and non-citizens are arrested or convicted every day. Being one of the most happening cities of Florida, the streets of Miami are always crowded with pedestrians and vehicles and for its round-the-clock events and freaking nightlife people are intoxicated with alcohol soon after the sunset. Therefore, the rate of DUI arrest in Miami always remains high. However, DUI in Miami, like in any other U.S. city is considered as a criminal offense the consequences and results of which can be far reaching and long-lasting.
According to Florida DUI law, each and every person arrested and convicted with DUI must go to a DUI school and complete the course and treatment recommended by a state certified evaluator. There are quite a few qualified DUI Schools in Miami offering licensed DUI programs. Advocate Program, Inc. and Metro Traffic Safety Institute, Inc. (Metro Traffic School) are the two most prominent DUI Schools in Miami offering state-licensed programs. If you are arrested and convicted with DUI in Miami, you will be directed to any of these two schools to take the lesson. These programs provide all required DUI services to their court ordered or voluntary clients.
Miami DUI School Course Pattern:
These programs include services like registration, evaluation and education courses on substance abuse enforced upon the first time and multiple Miami DUI offenders. The programs further include referrals to the treatment for individual offender recommended by the state certified evaluator when indicated. The course patterns in DUI Schools are more or less same in every state across the U.S. -
- The Level One course (First DUI) comprises 12 hours of lesson in human physiology, substance abuse and Florida DUI traffic law information.
- The Level Two (Multiple DUIs) course includes 21 hours of small group discussion on similar topics.
- Upon indication, referrals are made to Counseling agencies with DCF certification, which provide treatment success documentation.
- Special Supervision Services Program is a voluntary service dedicated to the multiple DUI offenders with five, ten to lifetime revocations.
Miami DUI School Fees:
The fees for Miami DUI programs vary from school to school and on the basis of the level of offense. However, estimated fees for DUI Level I range from the initial payment of $50 to more than $245. For DUI Level II, $90 is the minimum amount paid initially. The upper limit however, exceeds $370. These fees are generally payable by cash, check, money order or any other reputed credit cards like Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover. During the time of registration, a certain amount of registration fee is also taken from the offender. To register in a Miami DUI School you would need the following items:
1. The Arrest Report
2. Your Traffic Citation Number
3. Court Order (if applicable)
4. Driver History record
5. Photo ID
However, the city boasts of many qualified, established and experienced DUI lawyers promising to offer their best services to every client. Miami DUI lawyers assist their clients in every way and ensure that their punishments and penalties are as minimal as possible. Starting from understanding and explaining the case to guiding and defending the client, Miami DUI attorneys provide extensive assistance in every legal issues related to Driving Under Influence (DUI).
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