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As Summer Nears, Remember the Power of Powder

With summer approaching, the talk show gurus will be out in droves, sharing insider tips or little-known ways to best enjoy the season. What you probably wont hear them mention are the many uses of a product most of us already have in our homes.
Powder can be found in a variety of summertime sports and recreational activities. For many, it is a thing of ritual: the puff of powdered rosin that helps an All-Star pitcher gain the ideal grip on a baseball. The pre-game chalk toss in basketball, made even more popular by the sports greatest player, LeBron James. Its even useful for billiards players and bowlers.
Powder-based products also are helpful for exercising and other common seasonal activities. Powder helps joggers avoid chafing, helps homeowners handling yard work keep their hands dry inside work gloves, and helps weekend warriors out there counteract foot and shoe odors and treat athletes foot.
According to Pharma Tech Industries the largest pharmaceutical contract manufacturer and packager of powder products in the world powder products have a long list of other benefits during the warm weather season, including:
* Airplane-friendly: Most powders are exempt from the airplane carry-on 3-ounce rule limitations on liquids and gels.
* Easily brush off sand: Savvy sun soakers keep powder in the same beach bag as their sunscreen for easy sand removal.
* Natural ant repellent: Scatter powder around house foundations and common points of insect entry, such as doors and windows. The same trick is useful for the edges of picnic tables and blankets.
* Stop floorboards from squeaking: For a quick fix, sprinkle powder between the boards that squeak.
* Get rid of greasy carpet stains: Cover unsightly stains with powder, wait six hours, then simply vacuum the stain away.
* Pet care: Dry shampoo your dog after a day of fun in the sun.
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