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Avoiding Breathalyzer Test Is Not A Solution For Tampa DUI

Passing breathalyzer never guarantees escape from DUI prosecution. It mostly happens in Tampa that the accused people tend to refuse breathalyzer test after being stopped for Tampa DUI case. They think it will bring an escape from the accusation and its consequences. But the fact is, refusing breathalyzer test might help you bypass DUI case apparently, but can bring some other unintended consequences in turn. Officials may file even more convoluted case for the occasion. As the Florida DUI attorneys commonly suggest, you must have a prior knowledge and information about how such refusal can affect your chance of avoiding DUI case to stay away from further or even more critical consequences. Some times it appears to be rather sensible to go with the breathalyzer test and act the way it's been directed.
DUI or Driving Under the Influence also termed as the DWI or Driving While Intoxicated. In fact, there are couples of other names that refer to the same offence. It is plausible for a driver suspected with DUI offence to stand below the legal level of intoxication tested through breathalyzer, but the negative reading can never ensure the driver's safety. The fact is, breathalyzer test is not the only verdict the officials have. And so it hardly matters if you have refused the test or blown below the legal limit. A Tampa DUI attorney is the one who can help you mitigate the consequences and suggest some sensible way outs apart from breathalyzers.
The moment a traffic police officer suspect you Driving Under the Influence, he will instantly ask you to step out of the car and give a series of field sobriety tests. There might be some physical and cognitive exercises that you may not be capable of passing. The tests are mostly to measure your ability to perform two things at once or in other words it is a test of "divided attention". Now, most of the people do not know that such tests are optional and you have the right to refuse them. But according to Tampa DUI Lawyer, officials of the state have implied consent laws that make drivers agree to the breathalyzer test automatically in case they have been arrested to the public road. If you still refuse the test it may result in suspension of your driving license. Therefore, you need to know the laws and restrictions in details before taking a single step.
The term Breathalyzer is a standard breath testing device that measures the alcohol concentration level in blood. It can not detect any other factor for your impairment. The instrument all traffic police officers carry is a small handy preliminary alcohol testing instrument while the larger models are kept into the police stations. That is counted as the main evidence in the court proceedings. So, it is clear that, even if you can refuse the field breath test, it is hard to bypass the one performed at police station. What all you can do is to hire proficient Tampa DUI lawyers who can take you out of the hassles or at least suggest some ways to mitigate the penalties. DUI in Tampa is really strict and you need to have a clear knowledge about its restrictions to face the consequences sensibly.
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