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Best Tips for Press Release Distribution

As Press release writing is important same as press release distribution is also important. They both play a vital role in return on investment with the marketing/public relations tools. If your distribution is not targeted than many of your clients and other interested parties may not be aware about your latest investments. In order to get attention from your clients and other interested parties try to distribute more press releases. Here are some tips for successful press release distribution.
Manage Media List
Create a folder in a hard copy format for your media list in order to get all your contacts readily available and updated to take into use at any time. Spot out the media outlets both online and offline in your targeted field. Add all national and international media and channels to cover television, radio, newspapers, magazines, online publications, newswire and other services regionally, nationally, and internationally. A media list is invaluable asset for most of the businesses. There are many sources available on internet that may help you to build up and enrich your media list. But be aware that all the sources available online have up to date information with them all.
This service is helpful in distributing your press release directly to the editors, other media outlets and on line publishers that may publish it on their websites. Generally journalists online rely on the newswire service sites to get information and story ideas. Often newswire are used by the large companies and the non profit organizations working around. Generally the cost of publishing the press release is based on the words it is having.
Email, Fax or Mail
You can directly send your press release to the media or journalists by yourself, using email, fax or mail any service you like to use. And if you are confused about the best option that you can send your press release through, just ask the person you are going to send your press release to. This can even help you creating a personal contact with the person you are sending your press release.
Database Building
Newswire is the fastest way to send your press release to numerous editors and journalists. However you can make your own database, by using the contacts from your media list. You can get media database or media list online also your only have to search for it. Generally they charge fees either monthly or annually or per subscription use.
To get your press release to be noticed send it on a time earlier in the day as you will have chances of getting your story noticed and get it published. If you are sending your press release on the busy days like Monday and Tuesday then there are chances that it may not be noticed by the editor or publisher and may not even be published. So try sending your press release on Fridays as most of the assignments are finished till then and the journalists are getting ready for their weekends.
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