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Bounce House Rental Business: Your Part Time Gig

Today, more and more individuals are learning they can make money utilizing the extra space in their garage to store bounce houses. With just a few ads in the local newspaper and word of mouth many families are adding an extra $5,000 to their income by renting inflatable items for showers, children's parties, scouts, holiday parties, weddings, classes, preschool fitness classes, religious events, graduation parties, after school events, and after ballgame events.
Just by purchasing four to six different inflatable these people are adding money to their household so, they can enjoy the extra income that is being made for all kinds of adventures from traveling to putting in a swimming pool.
The good news about renting inflatables is that it will not take away from your employment. You can rent all kinds of bounce houses during the hours you are at home and still make a huge profit. The majority of times, you can set up the bounce houses on the weekend or even in the evening prior to the event. This way you will not have to worry about missing work to add an extra bit of money to your wallet.
Even many adult events are now seeing a bounce house or two. Why? The answer is simple. The children can enjoy having a blast with the bounce house while the parents are enjoying their meeting, dinner, or presentation. The children will be happy and content during the entire event as they have a play area that will provide hours of fun. Children will be able to bounce, climb, jump, and slide on the inflatables that were rented from your home business that resides inside your garage.
You can provide a large array of bounce houses such as slip and slide, obstacle course, adrenaline rush, supreme obstacles, tropical obstacle, 16-foot water slide, and several kids favorites. Parents will want to choose appropriate bounce houses for their children's parties such as for the Fire Truck, Mickey's Train, basketball challenge, pirate ship and more. The idea is to have at least one for the boys and one of the girls and two that will work for either. Alternatively, you may wish to choose ones that be perfect for all ages and for both boys and girls.
With only four to six inflatables in your garage, you will be able to add to your income or start out part time. In some cases, your bounce house business can grow into a long-term business that will allow you to work for yourself and fire your boss. The possibilities are endless once you begin to grow, you can always start with just a couple of inflatables and within a short time have your own building renting inflatables for all occasions. Enjoy your part time gig and see if you turn that small profit into a huge business with you at the top.
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