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Can You Get FM Radio For IPhone?

There has been great controversy over the issue of an RM radio for iPhone. Many iPhone owners around the world are complaining and saying that there should be an FM radio for iPhone, especially for the price that they are paying for the device.
Many people think that the iPhone should have a radio built in especially when you consider all the much more advanced features that it offers, and so why would it not come with a radio included?
Some people think that the reason there is no FM radio for iPhone is because Apple wants you to buy from iTunes, which makes sense because that is what the majority of iPhone users are now doing, however it is not surprising that this has caused great controversy and debate.
It is really frustrating if not annoying that there is no FM radio for iPhone, and although the idea of a release of a radio for the iPhone is not completely out of the question, it certainly does not seem as though it is one of Apple's priorities at the moment. Although there is no FM radio for iPhone, there are various other features that the device has to offer, and which you should be aware of so you can take full advantage of them.iPhone Features
There are a variety of different features that are offered by the iPhone. For one the iPhone features rich HTML and Safari, which is known for being the most advanced web browser ever on a portable device. These two features alone are two of the main reasons that the Apple iPhone has been so incredibly popular.
The music features offered by the iPhone are also incredible, and you will really see music in a whole new way with this device. You are able to scroll through your songs with the touch of a finger, and scan through different artists, albums, and playlists. This makes the process as easy and convenient for people as possible, which is what users are looking for.
If you are one of the many people who are hoping for an FM radio for iPhone then you should definitely keep your eyes and ears open because there is word of it coming out in a few years. Then again by that point there will more than likely be a new and more advanced device that has taken over the popularity of the iPhone.
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