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Causes and Effects of Truck Accidents

Vehicular accidents are a global issue. Almost every part of the world deal with this problem every year. Millions of people are either injured, or lose their lives to this worldwide crisis.
One of the vehicular accidents most concerning about are truck accidents. In California alone, truck accidents average about 400 fatal and 10, 000 non-fatal accidents annually.
Large vehicles, particularly heavy trucks, pose a great danger to other vehicles, especially their drivers and passengers. This grave threat often results to accidents. These accidents frequently occur because of a driver's recklessness or negligence, due to dangerous conditions, or hazardous circumstances.
Trucks are massive vehicles that weigh tens of thousands of pounds. Since trucks are bigger and heavier than other vehicles on the road, they are likely to result in more severe injuries than other accidents.
Many truck accidents are caused by the fault of the truck driver. Some of the driving errors they commit include:
- Driving without enough training and driving skills
- Driving over the allowed speed limit
- Driving under the influence
- Driving fatigue
- Improper securing of heavy loads
- Overloading
- Inaccurate inspection before and during the trip
On the other hand, majority of these truck accidents are due to the fault of the smaller vehicular drivers. Their common mistakes are:
- Driving in the blind spots of the truck
- Overtaking or cutting lanes in front of the truck
- Getting too close behind the truck
- Driving under the influence
- Reckless driving
- Speeding
- Driver boredom and mobile phone use
Other than the factors mentioned above, reasons of truck accidents include machine failure, mechanical difficulties, bad weather conditions, dangerous road conditions, defective equipment, hazardous materials such as flammable substances, heavy cargo and so on.
As any other phenomenon or calamity in this world that starts with a cause, truck accidents also come with effects.
With horrible disasters like truck accidents, we can expect people to get hurt. They often sustain severe injuries to their brain, spinal cord, legs, and other susceptible parts of the body. Worse, truck accidents often claim lives, millions of them.
People lose valuable amounts of money for medical expenses, therapies, and medication. They also lose potential income as full recovery from the injuries may take time.
There are even instances when people fail to recuperate due to the immense damage done to them by the accident.
People do not only obtain physical injuries from truck accidents. Victims also suffer from psychological effects, like trauma and post-traumatic stress. They also endure emotional pain and suffering, especially for the people who lost their loved ones to the accident.
To attain justice for the lost and misery received from a terrible truck accident, lawyers in Los Angeles can offer a way of helping victims recover from this very painful and traumatic experience.
Earn all possible compensation from the party/parties liable to the damages by getting a good Los Angeles truck accident lawyer.
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