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Choosing VPS over Shared Hosting

Now a days you can see n number of hosting plans which are pretty much different from each other. Each of them are having their own plus points and negative points aswell. The one which is cheaper but pretty much popular is shared hosting. We all know that there a n number of websites which are all sharing a single and large hard drive. Although shared hosting is not suitable for all types of websites but there are certain websites which are having high traffic. Normally, the websites which are having high traffic are the one who needs a dedicated servers. Virtual Private Server is made for the people who need a dedicated server but can't afford it's high price.
The server which is parted into multiple private spaces is VPS Hosting. With VPS hosting, you will be sharing a server with other clients, but you still get your own private 'slice' of server. In such situation, the performance of your website will not be affected by other clients who are sharing the same VPS. It is just because the people who are sharing the vps are having their own space where they run their websites. Hence, clients who are having VPS servers, are having the access to the same type of services which can be similarly compared to a dedicated hosting concept. Shared server accounts are usually depending upon the performance and good behavior of the neighbour accounts. For instance, if one account voilates their terms of services by sending n number of emails, this type of action will load the server and in the bargain, it will create an negative effect upon the performance of all the shared server accounts which are been hosted on that particular server.
When it comes on VPS account, if your VPS neighbor do bad activities, it will not have any negative impact on other neighboring accounts. Their activities will have a bad impact on their own account. This is for the reason that each account has the ability to appear like a separate server to the Internet. Also, the neighboring accounts cannot use your memory at all. VPS Hosting is pretty much affordable as if compared to a dedicated servers. It is also giving you more freedom and n number of options towards growing on-line business than shared hosting. A number of people, who are having a website with low-to moderate traffic, are happy with the controls that are been offered by a web hosting control panel like cPanel or Plesk. Such individuals will usually prefer shared hosting for simplicity and to use it in an easy manner. These types of people do not have linux system administration experience and they are not worried in picking up any. There are others who have moved beyond their shared hosting account or are not happy with the performance of the website. If such a situation comes up, then it is high time that they now need to move on a VPS account.
A VPS Hosting Server can be set up with any required software and can be configured in whatever manner the developer requires. A VPS can be used for small ecommerce sites with better security and it has the capability to use more advanced software than that is available on a shared hosting plan. Through VPS, one can have the benefits of more uptime which is good for ecommerce merchants. Also, if one VPS crashes, it will crash without affecting any of the other virtual machines that are run on that server. Because of the technique of compartmentalization, virtual servers will not have access to other virtual servers on the same physical machine.
This leads the VPS plans to become pretty much secure than traditional shared hosting plans.
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