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Claremont Social Security Lawyers: At Your Lead

Claremont is a city located about 30 miles (45 km) in eastern and at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains in the Pomona Valley. As of the recent census, its population has reached 33,999. This city is famous for its seven higher-education institutions, its tree-lined streets, and its historic buildings.
The Money magazine has rated it as the fifth best place to live in the United States, and has been the highest rated place in California on the list. It is known as "the City of Trees and PhD's" due to its large number of trees and residents with doctorates.
If you are a resident of Claremont and you have problems regarding Social Security, the place also has many knowledgeable Claremont Social Security lawyers who can help solve it.
As claiming for benefits under the Social Security can be very complicated and often discouraging, it is best to hire the services of a lawyer at the earliest stage of the process. This is because the laws involving Social Security as well as the claim process are complex. Such complexities can be best addressed by a lawyer who has spent years of practice on said field.
Statistics show that Social Security rejects about 75% of applications for disability. From these denials, 70% are turned into accepted claims after either reconsideration or a hearing before a judge.
In other words, 30% of those people whose claims are not reconsidered have no chance at all to take part in the benefits. Undeniably, the chances of success at the initial stage, reconsideration or hearing before the judge are higher when you have a Social Security lawyer working for you.
The Claremont local government has created programs for its residents especially to seniors and disabled persons. These programs include:
- Advocacy, Referrals and Case Management
- Case Management
- Senior Emergency Fund
- Phone Assurance Line (PAL)
- Family Emergency Fund
- Friendly Visitor Program
However, these do not mean that Social Security is not important to Claremont residents because of the existence of abovementioned programs. Rather, it calls for same necessity of having the need for Social Security lawyers as said necessity is more apparent than real.
Over the years, Social Security benefits has been the refuge of people who have no more means of rendering service either because they have reached the maximum age or have been disabled.
The program has become an effective tool of preparing themselves from inevitable events or risks in the future. This has become their security and protection from poverty.
Created in 1935, Social Security program aims to provide protection to retired and disabled workers as well as their families or dependents. Unlike Welfare, benefits under the program are paid to an individual or his or her family at least in proportion to the basis of that person's employment record and prior contributions to the system.
The said program is managed by the Social Security Administration and since 1965; it has included health insurance benefits under its Medicare program.
Understandably, more and more people are taking advantage of the program due to its lifelong benefits. Who wouldn't? It will take care of you in times of your financial needs. For your every dilemma, consult your Claremont Social Security lawyers.
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