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Common Misconception about Lawsuits and Litigation

Being engaged in a lawsuit in Los Angeles County is a serious matter. Lawsuits and litigation often involves a great deal of time and effort. Despite the noble intention behind legal battles, most individuals have wrong notions about lawsuits. Here are some of the misconceptions:
1. Lawsuits are a waste of time – This is not true. Anyone involved in a lawsuit should take things seriously and answer the charges against him, if there are real basis for it.
2. I do not have a lawyer – Most people get involved in lawsuits without a counsel. You can find one whom you can trust and cooperate with him fully.
3. I cannot afford a lawyer – Anybody who is embroiled in a lawsuit must take into consideration the costs if one hires a lawyer and the expenses of not getting one.
4. Legal fighting is an endless game – This is not true. The legal system and the court actually put pressure on contending parties to settle their differences.
5. A lawyer does not understand my time restrictions – Lawyers know how busy clients are with their personal lives. Lawyers themselves press for more time. The key to success in a lawsuit is preparation.
6. The courtroom is a scary, too formal place – The courtroom may be an intimidating place but proper decorum and behavior must be observed.
7. Lawsuits are insulting - Lawsuits are sometimes filed for economic reasons and not to judge your personality
8. My opponent will answer my legal fees – This is seldom true. While the law says you have to be awarded fees, a judge may hesitate unless the position your opponent takes in the case is frivolous.
9. I cannot afford the damages he asks – Actual damages or claim are often dictated by rules or statutes and do not represent the real amount that the court will decide upon resolution of your case.
10. Do lawsuits end? – Lawsuits often take a lot of time but one can hope that lawsuits come to an end.
There are advantages and disadvantages in filing a lawsuit. Here are some of the positive aspects of filing a lawsuit:
• Monetary gain – Lawsuits are often filed due to monetary disputes. In an accident, victims are going after recovery from injury and damages.
• Injunctive relief – In business, an injunctive or restraining order is necessary to prevent an individual from inflicting damage or harm to business.
• For strategic consideration – Sometimes a lawsuit may be filed in consideration of future strategy in decision-making. If one is in a position of strength, a lawsuit is a logical option to take.
The disadvantages may be due to the following reasons:
• Costs – Lawsuits and litigation are often expensive. Some people think lawsuits are a drain of resources.
• Time – A great amount of time is spent in preparation of a case and during trial.
• Lost of privacy
• Unwanted or bad publicity
• Countersuits – Lawsuits sometimes start the cycle of countersuits and claims.
• Delay
• Disappointment with the outcome
To get better chance in litigation or lawsuit, you must get the services of a competent Los Angeles County law firm to assist you in your legal needs. A credible law firm can help you with all the available resources at its disposal to prove your cause.
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