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Court Systems Need Existing Truth Technology Now

Our civilization as we know it is based upon laws. Laws that protect the innocent and punish the guilty.
In the Bible there are two kinds of ministers. The ministers of the gospel that preach God's word to all that would hear it, and the ministers of justice that enforce the laws that God has created. In our modern world these ministers of justice are the judges, laywers and law enforcement personnel of our court system. These officers of the court spend many years of study in their chosen professions. They sacrifice money, homes and family lives to protect you and me.
The majority of these men and women are unknown and unrecognized for their contribution to our society. You and I could not go to work every day and see the human race at their worst. You and I could not patrol dark places alone, the only protection a piece of body armor. You may have always wondered how these people can do their job day after day, year after year. High stress, broken families, little pay, injury and death. The Bible says that these select individuals were personally chosen by God Himself to serve and protect us. So now you know. We owe much to these ministers of justice.
However our court systems have a major problem - they are based on 16th Century technology and 16th Century society. The system was based on the assumption that people would tell the truth when they swore on the bible. In those days, swearing on the bible meant something. As we all know, this is not how it is today. So, we need a new SYSTEM in the courts to help us to know what is the truth. These ministers of justice need the necessary tools to perform their job.
Technology now exists which can increase our chances of knowing if someone is telling the truth or not. It is time we use and develop these technologies.
Two Innocent Men Jailed for 13 Years because of a Lie
The front page of the Virginia Pilot of August 26 2001 reported an age-old story - two men who had spent nearly 13 years in jail were finally found to be innocent. They had been sent to jail for life mainly on the word of just one lying witness.
Faison worked in a construction job with his closest friend Charles Shepherd. When a local druggie named Roper asked for a job recommendation, they turned him down cold.
A cabbie was shot outside Faison's apartment. Homicide detectives approached Roper who pointed them to a woman named Van Buren. She said she saw Faison shoot the cabbie in a holdup, with Faison as lookout. Although Van Buren had a drug problem and had TEN beers on the night of the shooting, her testimony sent Faison and Shepherd to jail for life.
Faison asked for a sentencing delay to marry his pregnant girlfriend, but this was refused He took to writing individual hand-written letters asking for help and maintaining his innocence. One of 62,000 letters reached ex NYPD detective named Michael Race. Something about the 4 page letter spoke to Race.
In his reply to Faison, Race said "I want you to read this letter while sitting down: SHE ADMITS THAT THE WHOLE STORY IS A LIE!" Van Buren admitted wrongfully identifying the pair for a $1,000 police reward, which she split with Roper. The retraction was backed up by physical evidence. The witness said Faison was standing on the driver's side of the cab, but the driver was shot on the right side of the face (passenger's side). Race got Roper to admit coaching Van Buren because he was bitter about the job-application snub.
Word of another suspect surfaced that month. A man named Cheston wrote to his girlfriend about "two guys that were doing time for a murder he committed." The driver refused to hand over money to Cheston. Two fingerprints on the cab's glass partition matched Cheston's prints. Finally, Faison and Shepherd were released. After 13 long years.
Hypnosis can easily make people Lie or Commit Crimes
In the above case, there was a person who lied CONSCIOUSLY. Unfortunately, people who consciously lie are not the only problem.
The use of hypnosis is much more powerful and much more widespread than most people realise. If you read the excellent book "Secret, Don't Tell - The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism" you will know this. This book took ten years to research and is VERY extensive. The site for the book is www.hypnotism.org. In the book, the author Carla Emery gives many stories, some from court proceedings, showing how people committed serious acts against their will.
Emery claims that a hypnotist can easily get 10% of the population to do anything they want, purely through hypnosis.• The other 90% of the population can be hypnotised once they have been given a drug, for example in orange juice.
In opposite to what most people believe, it is relatively easy to get hypnotised people to perform unethical actions, including murder, prostitution and robbing banks through hypnosis.• And if you think that you can never be hypnotized, think again!• According to Carla Emery, the more intelligent a person, the more likely it is that they can be hypnotized.
The unfortunate truth is - no longer can we condemn a person on the say-so of an eyewitness, at least, not until we find methods to verify that they are consciously telling the truth and have not been hypnotised.
Government insiders reveal how the United States Government finds, chooses and creates "Sleepers", mind-controlled, programmed zombies, also known as Manchurian Candidates
Unfortunately, it gets worse. Private citizens can cause people to lie or commit crimes through hypnosis. But in addition, the government has set programs to do just this. Read the 5 steps to creating a Manchurian Candidate, as revealed by one government insider at Operation Open Eyes at http://www.rumormillnews.com/operation.htm
It's Time for a Positive Change in Court Systems for Identifying Truth
One technology that should NOT be used at any time is the lie dectector. See www.antipolygraph.org Read the free 176 page book "The Lie behind the lie detector". Learn how to beat Lie Detector!
A technology that could be used in the courts to help to identify what is the truth and what is Brainwave Fingerprinting, Invented by Dr. Larry Farwell.
Brain Fingerprinting is a revolutionary new technology for investigating crimes and exonerating innocent suspects, with a record of 100% accuracy in research on FBI agents, research with US government agencies, and field applications. www.brainfingerprinting.com If we had Brainwave Fingerprinting in the courts now, many of the injustices that happen would not be.
We are now in the 21st Century. Our courts are based on technologies that are hundreds of years old. For the sake of hundreds (thousands?) of people like Faison and Shepherd, and maybe even for your own sake one day, it is time we instituted methods of identifying what is said in court is the truth and what is not.
It has only just started to be used: In Feb 2003 the Iowa Supreme Court Reversed the Harrington Murder Conviction after 24 Years. Brain Fingerprinting Supported Innocence
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