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Crystal Wedding Bouquets and Boutonnieres vs Flowers

Swarovski crystal bouquets and boutonnieres are the ideal way to do something that is different and incredibly beautiful on your big day. They provide a perfect way to extend the theme of crystals or pearls that are in your dress and jewelry throughout your entire wedding party and decor.
The benefits of choosing crystals over flowers for you wedding day are endless. In my personal opinion, the number one reason to choose a crystal bouquet is the sheer impact of the sparkle that will catch your guests eyes as you walk around the corner. The first thing that you do is not only twinkle, but you will shine! The bouquets will fill rooms with rainbows if they are in natural sunlight and are unbelievably sparkly and bright even in candle light.
I have learned recently that not all women are head-over-heels for flowers. If you happen to be one of these, whether it is due to allergies or simply personal preference, don't worry because you have an alternative to traditional bouquets and boutonnieres. You can choose crystals for your entire party or you can decide to set yourselves apart from the rest and just you and your groom can carry and wear them, this is up to you.
Another benefit of crystal bouquets and boutonnieres is that that they can be shipped very easily. Since destination weddings are very popular these days, you don't have to worry about not being able to meet with a local florist before your wedding date. You can purchase your bouquets months ahead of time and take them with you.
Preservation of floral arrangements can be very pricey if you decide to pay someone to do it for you, yet very tedious and frustrating if you try to do it yourself. With Swarovski crystal bouquets and boutonnieres you don't have to deal with any of it, the arrangements will look exactly the same as they did on your wedding day eternally, and you don't have to do a thing. When you think about it, they are heirlooms from the day they are purchased.
The arrangements can also be customized to coordinate with your color scheme by using any of the myriads of colors, or combination of colors, that you have to choose from in Swarovski crystals and pearls. You can also match the colors of the ribbons to your bridal party's dresses and tuxedos, the possibilities are endless.
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