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Cure Your Acne Naturally

Acne is not only an unsightly skin disease, but it is associated with pain and inflammation symptoms. There are hundreds of acne skin care products in beauty stores, which are formulated for acne treatment. But, only a few of them are reliable and contain safe ingredients. The below acne natural cures may work differently for different people. However, one good thing about them is, they are inexpensive, effective and with the least or no side effects. Before I start this segment, let me tell you that acne cannot be cured, but controlled or reduced in its breakouts.
1. Another popular natural acne cure is the tea made from burdock root. It clears the skin of toxins thereby, helping in lessening acne outbreaks.
2. Zinc and chromium tablets, terpine-rich tea tree oil are also very effective against acne. Avoid cosmetics. Do not press any acne eruption on the skin. You can try these remedies both to prevent and cure (pre-existing) acne. I am sure that you will be definitely surprised at the outcome.
3. Apply aloe vera juice to your facial acne with a cotton ball. Aloe vera not only helps clear up acne but aids in the healing process as well.
4. When we are speaking of natural cures for acne, we cannot miss out to mention the benefit of tea tree oil. Given its antibacterial properties, it serves to be an ideal home remedy for acne. But some people may not prefer it due to its strong smell.
5. In addition to adopting the above approaches for natural acne cures, one should follow natural skin care tips for quick healing of acne outbreaks. Care guidelines include washing face with acne soap twice daily, avoiding face makeup, avoiding touching or picking of acne and consuming a healthy diet. Incorporating foods rich in vitamins, zinc and chromium will help in treating acne naturally.
6. Apply natural jojoba oil to the skin. It is known to decrease the production of extra sebum thus, working as one of the effective natural acne remedies.
7. Besides the above home remedies, other best acne treatments that work naturally include using raw garlic, oregano oil, orange peel paste, crushed fenugreek leaves, crushed neem leaves, turmeric paste and grated cucumber. All these ingredients give soothing effects to the skin and reduce infection symptoms.
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