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Curious About Identity Theft?

If you are curious about what identity theft is, you are not alone with your inquisitive thinking. Many people have heard the term, but don't really know what it is. Identity theft by definition is the act of another person stealing your personal information and using it to commit illegal and fraudulent financial acts.
The internet has caused a dramatic escalation in cases of identity theft. With people utilizing the internet to pay bills, buy stocks and bonds, apply for loans and conduct other transactions, there's a huge amount of personal information traveling across the World Wide Web.
The problem arises when skilled computer hackers break into insecure (and sometimes secure) files and obtain customer and member information that is stored in the databases of websites.
One step you can take to minimize becoming a victim of identity theft is to make sure any personal information you enter at a website is done over a secure connection.
There are a couple of simple ways to tell the different between using a secure connection and one that is not secure.
1. When you are on a secure network, you will see a small closed lock down on the lower right hand corner of your screen.
2. Another way to verify security of the website is to look at the "http" part of the web address. If the connection is secure, you will see an "s" at the end of the protocol, with the "s" representing security. You will see https, which lets you know you are on a secure website.
Although, these networks can be hacked into as well, it is much more difficult due to the encryption of the secure network. By taking the precaution of only doing business on secure connections, the chances of your information being stolen are reduced dramatically.
The point is, if you are on a website where you are asked to enter personal information, and you are not on a secure network or website, do not give out any information whatsoever.
Our identities are one thing that we simply cannot afford to have stolen or misused by online ID criminals. The havoc that someone can wreak on your financial well-being is horrendous should your personal information be stolen. It is imperative that you guard your personal information carefully, because you never who may try to get their hands on it.
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