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Cut Down Jobhunting Time With Cover Letter Examples

Did you know that according to national statistics, average American jobhunter could easily take over 9 months to find a new job? Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm betting you don't have the luxury of waiting that long. What would you say if I told you there was a way to cut that time to shreds?
Well, it just so happens that there is...and it's called a cover letter. Well, if you want to get really accurate, it's called a great cover letter. Most job applications are going to require that you submit a resume, and really what would ever possess you to turn in an application without one? Well, the same goes for a cover letter...what would ever make you want to turn in a resume without a cover letter?
When a potential employer is trying to sort through literally hundreds of applications looking for ONE person to take the position, do you really think the poor guy is going to sit there and scan through every minute detail in every single resume? No! There's not a fellow in the world who has that sort of time. What that employer will do is look at all the cover letters. It's the first thing he'll read, and it's your first chance to avoid elimination.
It's a simple process: the resumes with great cover letters move on to the next round, and the ones with the so=so cover letters --or Heaven forbid, none!-- will be tossed into the "Kindling" stack.
So if your goal is to manage to survive the original culling, you'll need to have not only just a cover letter, but the best one you can possibly come up with! Dont get me wrong, your resume is important and naturally you're going to have to be an appropriate candidate, but the perfect cover letter can not just open the door but set out a velvet welcome mat as well.
But all of this is well and good if you know how to write a killer cover letter...but what if you didn't go to college for four years to get a degree in Cover Letter Writing? What if you're just that guy out there who's looking for a job? Well, ask yourself...what's the best way to learn how to do something?
You have somebody teach you! You find somebody who's written a great cover letter in his life, and see what he did. You learn by example. And why just one person? Learn from dozens of examples...see what works, and learn how to adapt it to your own personal needs. By no means am I telling you to plagiarize or rip off of other people, but by seeing what others have done you can see how you can do it as well.
But the problem is...where exactly does one find these cover letter examples? How can you tell which ones work and which ones are worthless? This I can help with.
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