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Dark Under Eye Circles: How To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark under eyes circles need not be accepted as "that's just the way I look". Dark circles can be removed or greatly reduced. Let's check the causes, how we can remove them and see how to get a new look. A younger, fresher and even beautiful you just might appear.
The Causes of Dark Circles Under Eyes
1. Lack of Sleep
You may not be getting enough sleep. Young people can have puffiness when they first wake up in the morning. This is simply due to fluid gathering under the eyes. It could be caused by sleeping on your side or stomach, any position that could put pressure on the eye. Sleep on your back, if at all possible, or invest in an anti-wrinkle pillow.
Contoured anti-wrinkle pillows were designed for people who are recovering from eye surgery. They put no pressure on the orbital area around the eye, but do provide neck support.
2. Age Factor
Age contributes to the problem. As time goes by the skin beneath the eye gets thinner and more delicate than any other area of the face.
There is less fatty tissue beneath the skin's layers. If the appropriate steps are not taken, the skin will become thinner with age.
Because the skin beneath the eye is thinner, it is possible to see the blood vessels carrying away waste products. In some cases, the blood vessels leak. That's when you see the smudgy bruised look and you start to wonder how to remove dark circles under eyes.
Regardless of your age, the steps that you need to take are to increase the skin's thickness and support blood vessel health.
Eyeliss and Haloxyl are compounds that can help do both of those things. They are not the only ingredients to look for. They are just two that have proven effectiveness in reducing bags and dark circles. I explain in detail on my website listed below what other ingredients you need to look for.
3. Nutrition
Basically, your skin needs nutrients to do repair work. Nutrient absorption is less efficient in older people. Applying nutrients directly has been proven to work against all of the signs of aging. Eyeliss and Haloxyl contain amino acids and flavonoids that help boost blood vessel strength and improve fluid circulation. Also a little known fact is that fish oil can improve our skin dramatically.
So supply the needed nutrients to the body and the skin by taking a quality fish oil supplement everyday. I do this regularly and can attest to the results. Please refer to my website for the best fish oil that my research discovered.
The Benefits
You will have a better appearance and you will have a much better attitude -self esteem.
To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes
To remove dark circles under eyes, you want to increase the skin's thickness, because the blood vessels will be less visible. In order to do that, you need a way to increase the production of new skin cells. The protein keratin has proven benefits in these areas, but not all keratin is the same.
Most products contain a type of keratin that has been denaturalized. It is of little or no benefit to the skin's health, because it cannot be used by the skin's cells. The type of keratin that really works is called Functional Keratin.
In summary, Get plenty of sleep; Take at least fish oil daily and if possible take a multi-nutrient tablet everyday. Also use the three main ingredients that I mentioned earlier: Eyeliss, Haloxyl and Functional Keratin.
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