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Denver Mini Facelifts Offer A Popular Denver Cosmetic Surgery Option

A facelift is probably the most commonly thought of procedure when anyone mentions Denver plastic surgery. Although it is widely performed, there is, however, a similar treatment that allows for less extensive work to be done and also gives the benefit of a faster recovery period. Those treatments are known as Denver mini facelifts. A good option for those that feel they need less work done to their faces yet still would like the rejuvenation that comes to the face through this medical option, Denver mini facelifts can be explained to you by your certified Denver cosmetic surgery provider.
Denver mini facelifts focus on the cheeks, where a cheek lift is performed to refresh the facial appearance. The patients who could be good candidates for Denver mini facelifts are those with only minimal loose skin on the neck, a smaller jowl or a moderately deep laugh line. In these cases, Denver mini facelifts may help them to look more awake. Many people are back to normal activity in only three days or so, so the recovery is much reduced from a full face lift, which is typically around eight to ten days, and up to three weeks for the bruising to subside. Sometimes patients choose other facial treatments to be performed along with the mini facelift, which might include Botox injections or laser skin resurfacing treatments.
Patients often choose to combine Denver plastic surgery procedures. You could have a mini facelift done along with Denver liposuction or Denver breast augmentation, for example. Denver liposuction can help to remove unwanted fat cells so that your body is reshaped in a more pleasing way. Patients typically reduce their clothing sizes by one or two sizes after this procedure is done. For those who have given birth, had weight fluctuations or are simply unhappy with the size or shape of their breasts, Denver breast augmentation may provide the solution you seek. By having breast augmentation, many women find that their confidence improves because they feel that they look more attractive, and this is always a positive outcome from this and other types of cosmetic surgery procedures.
The most effective way to find out about these and other Denver plastic surgery treatments is to set up a consultation with an American Board of Plastic Surgery certified physician. These doctors are trained to conduct plastic surgery of the body and face, and are your best source for accurate information about mini or full facelifts, liposuction, breast augmentation or other procedures.
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