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Determine Your Qualification for Social Security Disability Benefits with Los Angeles Lawyers

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has laid down specific ground rules in determining your qualification for disability benefits. In general, qualification for SSD benefits depends on the extent of your disability, capacity to work, and your job history.
Here are the rules that determine eligibility for SSD benefits. Los Angeles social security disability lawyers are trained to help you qualify for SSD or SSI benefits. You must satisfy the SSA criteria for disability.
The disability criteria set forth by the Social Security Administration (SSA) is very strict. Benefits entitlements are given only to those who are permanently disabled. Partial or short-term disability does not qualify for benefits.
Under the SSA, you can qualify for benefits if you are no longer capable of continuing your work or if you have no capacity to do other jobs due to medical restrictions. Likewise, your situation should last for at least twelve months or may lead to your death.
The SSA uses five criteria to determine your eligibility for benefits:
1. Highest earnings - If you resumed your work after becoming disabled, your previous or current income should be over $860 monthly within the initial year of your disability. After that, you are no longer entitled to surpass that figure for over nine months.
2. Failure to perform any work - Your situation must hinder you from performing your regular job-related activities.
3. Qualifying Disability - Your medical condition must be included on the list of qualified medical conditions or must have similar severity to an included condition.
4. Unable To Do Previous Job - Your condition must hinder you from regularly doing your previous work.
5. Failure to Adapt to New Job - You are disabled if there is difficulty in coping up with the new job.
It is worth noting that if you satisfy the initial three criteria, only then will you be considered for disability. However, if you meet the first couple of requirements but is not qualified based on the third, you are still eligible for disability if you pass the last two conditions.
You must be eligible for insurance based on the policies and guidelines of SSDI. You should have accumulated at least $3880 annually as well as the ten-year period leading to your disability to become eligible for SSDI. Again, this policy is governed by various factors and special rules. It may be determined by your income, age, civil status, or pertinent data that should be appropriately indicated or you jeopardize your chance to receive benefits.
It is important that you apply for benefits the moment you become disabled in order to qualify for maximum entitlements. You can personally visit any SSA office. Likewise, you can apply through telephone, courier, or even online.
If your initial application has been rejected, you can always appeal your case provided you have not resumed your work or are not expecting to resume your job or the 60-day period has lapsed.
Understanding the process of applying for disability benefits is a positive step in ensuring that you are fully compensated for your handicap.
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