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Diminish Stretch Marks and Scars

There is an ingredient found in Nature that utilizes natural activators of your own body's skin growth factors and organic enzymes used to prevent and eliminate stretch marks (stria atrophica, striae distensae). It eliminates or "digests" damaged skin cells, stimulates the revival of collagen and elastin and the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and proteoglycans from within the basal layers of the skin.
GAGs are complex polysaccharides (sugar chains) that participate in the control of physiological processes through their interactions with proteoglycans and with a wide variety of proteins. The lessening of glycosaminoglycans from the skin debilitates the protective inter-cellular matrix and results in debilitated, flaccid and usually unfirm skin, both on the face and body.
GAGs and proteoglycans have a large water holding capacity, occupy a large space in the extracellular matrix and fill an important part of the intercellular area between the collagen and elastin fibres. They play a critical role as shock absorbents and provide binding, hydrating and swelling pressure to tissues enabling them to endure compressional forces and thus prevent tearing and scarring of the lower layers of the skin during pregnancy, overstretching due to body building (in association with steroids), growth spurts or over stretching by weight gain. They also play an essential role in cell multiplication, migration and adhesion. Proteoglycans and GAGs are found to be prominent molecules during wound repair through their valuable role in cell-cell and cell-matrix communication.
When injuries occur and the proportion of proteoglycans is not adequate abnormal scars appear (keloid and hypertrophic scars). GAGs need to be over-synthesized during the early stage of wound healing and go back to to their normal level in the remodelling phase. The combination of collagen and GAGs confers adequate strength to tissues and allow them to become resistant to further enzymatic (collagenase) digestion.
*Avoids stretch marks during pregnancy and can be used safely while breastfeeding.
*Reduces and can effectively fade away recently formed red stretch marks.
*Helps to quickly reduce old stretch mark scars when used together with an exfoliating or abrasive home massage program.
*Dissolves or "digests" scar tissues and helps the process of rebuilding new collagen and elastin into the skin, accumulative effects of new collagen and elastin are more evident every day and become permanent.
*Yields remarkable scar reduction within weeks even when applied on third degree skin burns and surgical scars.
*Loosens and softens scar contractures when applied into skin after burn healing.
*Helps attachment of skin grafts and flaps and healing after scar revision.
*Avoids keloid scarring and hypertrophic scars, alleviates keloids itching.
*Accelerates keloid/raised scar shrinkage and can be used below pressure/silicone sheets.
*Helps eliminate noticeable hypertrophic scars.
*Promotes rebuilding of microcirculation. Accelerates skin renewal after scar subcision, glycolic peel, laser surgery, micro-dermabrasion or needling.
*Recovers a younger skin by removing damaged proteins and replacing them with blemish free skin.
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