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Do You Have The 3 Secrets Known To Your California Labor Attorneys To Getting Paid For Travel From Location To Location?

It is rough being on the road and even rougher if you are not paid for it. California law provides that you MUST be paid for travel from location to location and your labor attorney can help. If you can spare 60 seconds this article will give you the knowledge to claim this travel time.
In accordance to overtime law in California, work activities as opposed to job titles, govern whether a travel employee is entitled to overtime pay. Under California Overtime regulations, overtime law looks to what employees do over half the work time (overtime). While employers sometimes give employees untrue work titles for the mere purpose of avoiding overtime pay, this doesn't affect employees' overtime rights. An employer must pay overtime pay unless it can prove an employee is "exempt" from the overtime requirements. Under California Overtime Laws, there are a few responsibilities required of employers.
Secret 1: Employers will be required to provide employees with an itemized statement in writing which explains the calculation of the mileage reimbursement or overtime pay. Employers will also be required to include the starting and ending of the time period for which the mileage reimbursement check was issued under California Overtime Laws. They will also be required to list the rate of reimbursement used as well as the amount of miles being reimbursed.
Secret 2: Overtime is paid to non-exempt travel workers for the hours worked in excess of 40 in a given work week. A work week is a fixed and regularly recurring period of 168 hours or even seven consecutive 24-hour periods. It may start on any day and at any hour of the day, and different work groups or employees may have different work weeks. One is not permitted to average hours over two or more weeks.
Secret 3: When it comes to California Overtime, drive time may be considered "hours worked" and may even be subject to overtime pay. If a travel worker from location to location elects to drive his/her own vehicle, an employer may elect to count as hours worked either the time spent driving or the time which would have been counted as hours worked if the employee used other means of transportation. If the travel worker is required to drive-regardless of when it occurs-it must be considered hours worked. If the time happens to fall outside the normal work week of 40 hours, it is subject to overtime pay.
Secret 4: In regards to California Overtime Laws employers will also be required to reimburse an employee for the total expenses by the end of the month-following the month in which expenses incurred. They must also maintain and keep all of the records related to each request including overtime pay and hours. All records will have to be in legible ink with the valid date and the duration of three years at the place of employment or headquarters in California. Under California Labor Law Overtime, the state may require random inspection of the records. Each employee's records should be available for inspection by the employee under California Overtime regulations.
If you are a California employee and believe you are owed Overtime or your employer has violated your rights, take action now and talk to an Experienced California Labor Attorney.
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