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Does Size Really Matter?

Its a question thats been asked pretty much since the dawn of time: does size really matter?

Lets go ahead and settle this debate once and for all.

Lets Talk Numbers

To determine if size matters, first, lets outline what the average penis size is.

Youve probably heard these numbers before.

For the flaccid penis, the average size is about 3.6 inches. When erect, the average size is 5.16 inches.

However, recently those numbers have been contested. In fact, the real average penis size may be closer to 7 inches.

Its not like you havent already gotten out a ruler and checked your size in the past, so you know how you stand in comparison to those measurements.

If youre at or above those numbers, you should be feeling good. If youre below them, you may be feeling insecure. Maybe youve read about men with micropenises and are afraid you fall into that category.

The reality is that sometimes, these averages can be tough to pin down. What matters more is how you feel about your size.

And lets get real most of us want to be bigger.

But will anyone care if youre a few centimeters off the mark?

How Do Women Feel?

In general, the consensus among women is: yes, size does matter but only to a certain extent.

1/3 of women polled in a recent study said that size was important.

Others said that while they wouldnt want something that was too big or small, how youre able to work what youve got matters more than its size.

Another popular opinion? Body confidence is in. Women have always been attracted to strong, confident men, and that certainly doesnt change in the bedroom.

While over 80% of women say theyre happy with the size of their mans equipment, theres no denying that sexual chemistry is a huge part of an overall relationship.

Yes, there are others things to do in the bedroom beside penis-in-vagina intercourse (and rest assured, you better make sure your skills in those areas are on point.)

But if you feel like your penis size is holding you back during the main event, theres no way youll be able to be confident, relaxed, and in the moment.

If youre not big enough, or if your penis just isnt compatible with what she has going on downstairs, you could be facing problems in the bedroom.

As you know, when your sex life is lacking, it can start to negatively impact other parts of your relationship and life as well.

So, what can you do if you feel like youre too small to please a woman, or are just dealing with insecurity about your size?

Want To Get Bigger?

The good news is that its easier and safer to look into penis enlargement options than its ever been.

Companies like Phalogenics are using advanced ideas relating to penis exercise designed to stimulate growth. Clients that have worked with them report an an average growth of between 2-4 inches!

Plus, enhancements like these dont just work on building size. They also help you to last longer!

If you feel like you want to add a few inches to your life, enhancement options are a safe, easy, and definitely effective option.

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