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Dogs Are Not Always A Man's Best Friend

Animals are very fascinating. They could be a man's best friend, a daily companion, a house pet, a child's playmate, and some even use animals as a form of transportation, like they do horses. In fact, many people treat animals like humans. They feed them; give them a bath, and even dress them up.
But what if animals attack people, would they still find these animals charming? Animal attacks can be very frightening, painful, and traumatic. They could cause a lot of harm. They can cause severe injuries, even permanent ones. Even domesticated animals, like cats and dogs, can display vicious characteristics.
Attacks on people can happen almost anywhere. This can happen in a zoo, in a neighbor's backyard, along the streets, or even inside a person's home. The most common cause of these animal attacks is the owner or handler's failure to keep them at a safe distance around people.
Animal attacks could come from horses, cats, snakes, etc. The most common of these animal attacks are dog bites. According to statistics, four million people are attacked by dogs each year. Some of them are children.
The consequences of dog attacks can be grave, especially if it was a child involved. Physical recovery may take such a long time, and the psychological trauma and stress may linger longer.
So what can you do if you were attacked by an animal? Of course, you will have to be sent to the hospital and get medical attention immediately. But besides getting treatment, what else can a person do to relieve the pain he has sustained in an unreasonable attack?
Under the California law, individuals attacked by dogs may file charges against the owner or handler of the said animal. However, the owner may not be held liable if the victim was trespassing in his premises or if the victim had been proven to have provoked the dog.
In some states, the owner isn't held liable for the dog's first attack or first bite, legally referred to as the "one free bite rule." But most of the states have moved away from this rule and hold owners responsible for any injury. Therefore, victims may file their claims even if it was the first incident that the dog has attacked or bitten a person.
The damages a victim can sue for an animal attack:
- Medical bills
- Wage loss
- Future plastic surgery costs
- Psychological counseling if applicable
- Pain and suffering
Victims of dog bites should remember to:
- Identify the dog that attacked him or her
- Avoid any form of argument with the owner
- Do not agree on any settlement or sign any papers without prior consultation from a lawyer. The settlement may be less than what you deserve and the papers must be reviewed first by a legal authority.
- Report the incident to the authority as soon as possible.
- Consult or seek legal assistance. Find a personal injury attorney who is highly experienced and well-versed in dealing with animal attacks, specifically dog bite cases.
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