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Facelifts in Los Angeles: A Lift For Vanity or the Spirit?

Take a look at photographs from the eighteen hundreds and you’ll see some tired-looking, road-weary faces: no cosmetics, facials, moisturizer or sunscreen available. And certainly nothing that resembled today’s Facelift. Facelifts are a relatively new take on how we should age as we face the second half of our lives and have only been around for the last half century. Clearly, things have improved greatly over time. Techniques for Facelifts have been modified and perfected by the skilled and highly trained Plastic Surgeons working in today’s Plastic Surgery industry. But the idea that we should all just age gracefully, lingers. (Maybe we should pull those photographs from the eighteen hundreds out when we hear comments like that.)
While it’s true that Facelift Surgery is nearly always about looking better, its real result goes more than skin deep. It’s about how you feel afterward. If you’re a woman living in Los Angeles (in particular) you know what you’re up against: a city full of youth and beauty. And when you’re trying to compete in that kind of a marketplace and you’re not quite there anymore, it’s difficult. Men are up against the same problems here and many turn to a Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon for help. Many women are stopped from considering Facelift Surgery in Los Angeles by the very idea of spending money on themselves. But the trade off, the value of money spent on Facelift Surgery can be great.
Lynn Redmond of Los Angeles celebrated her fiftieth birthday by deciding to no longer stare woefully in the mirror at the crows feet around her eyes and the sagging around her jaw line. She worked at a Los Angeles movie studio that was all about youth. She wanted to feel good about herself. She didn’t want to look 25 again, but she didn’t want to look like she hadn’t slept for weeks either. So she did something really smart. She researched online for a Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon who had American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) board certification in Facelift Surgery. Los Angeles is Mecca to those looking for talented Plastic Surgeons with its proximity to Hollywood so she had a few choices. She narrowed her search down to two Los Angeles Facelift Plastic Surgeons she thought might be good and interviewed them both. She looked at their before and after photos, talked about what she wanted and got a feel for how she liked them. In the end, the Los Angeles Facelift Surgeon she chose fit the bill. He was highly trained and qualified. The Facelift Surgeon had a long resume of successful and good-looking Facelift Surgeries. He warned Lynn of all the complications that could arise from Facelift surgery and advised her to keep her expectations realistic. She was worried that her friends would all know she’d done the surgery. He assured her that what they’d want to know was which vacation she’d taken to look so refreshed. She decided to have her eyes and her Facelift procedure done at the same time.
Facelift Surgery in Los Angeles can be costly. Depending on your locale and the complexity of your procedure it can range in price from $6,000 - $25,000. Included in this fee are the outpatient surgical facility costs, the Facelift Surgeon’s fee and the aesthetician’s fee. But Lynn decided the Facelift Surgery would allow her to be much more competitive in her job and even allow her to work longer in the Los Angeles marketplace.
Her Facelift Surgery went well, and though there was some down time with recovery of almost two weeks, during which she was restricted from driving and exercising, she managed it well. When she returned to work after her Facelift Surgery, she was thrilled by the response she received. Her eyes were no longer hooded and she looked awake and happier. Most people thought she looked rested. But mostly, Lynn felt like herself again. She felt good about how she looked.
Granted, Facelift Surgery is not for everyone, but if you find yourself fed up with all the creams and promises and nothing gives you back that confidence you used to own, it’s something you might want to consider. If you do keep these things in mind when performing your due diligence for a Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon:
• Find an ABPS board-certified Plastic Surgeon who is highly trained in Facelifts. Check out all his credentials. Do your homework.
• Make certain your Facelift Surgeon answers all your questions and shows you plenty of examples of before and after Facelift Surgeries that he’s performed.
• Make sure your Plastic Surgeon performs Facelift Surgery in an accredited surgery locale.
• Be prepared for the cost and decide what you can afford.
• Have someone there to help you after your Facelift Surgery.
• Be prepared to feel great about the way you look again.
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