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Finding Acne Treatments that Work

Searching for acne treatments that work can become a second job or a lifetime obsession if you don't look at it from a realistic perspective. Most people look to the many products being sold off store shelves as the only hope for getting rid of acne, but there are also a variety of other options out there, including:
* Nutrition based acne treatment programs
* Prescription medications and creams
* Home remedies
* Herbal acne treatments
It turns out not all of your options for finding acne treatments that work can be found sitting on the shelf at the local grocery store. There are a wide variety of other products out there if you look around online.
Finding acne treatments that work ultimately comes down to determining the type of acne that you are dealing with and the severity of your condition.
Mild Acne Treatments
A mild acne condition is one that does not involve inflammation of the skin, large nodules, or large numbers of blemishes covering large areas of skin at once. Most people who suffer from mild acne have periodic outbreaks that are relatively small and which go away rather quickly. This can be caused by hormonal imbalances or fluctuations or by inconsistent grooming habits that allow the pores to become blocked with excess oil and debris such as dead skin cells.
For many mild acne conditions, acne treatments that work include a combination of more consistent facial care and over the counter acne products. Care between outbreaks will include washing the face at last 2-3 times a day and using over the counter products that clean, exfoliate, moisturize, and nourish the skin.
Care during an outbreak will likely include over the counter creams which are medicated to kill off bacteria and cleanse the skin more deeply.
It has proven effective for some people with mild acne to eat healthier foods, consume less grease, and drink more water on a daily basis as well. There are some herbs which have been used successfully for mild acne prevention as well.
Moderate Acne Treatments
A more moderate acne condition might include some inflammation, occur on a more frequent basis, and may be a bit more resistant to over the counter treatments and grooming routines. Those with moderate acne often experience breakouts that seem to have outbreaks which cover larger areas of the skin for longer periods of time.
Acne treatments that work in this case might stretch beyond typical over the counter products. At the very least, you will need to remain extremely consistent with a very potent over the counter product line and a daily grooming routine that is top notch. If that does not limit the frequency or duration of outbreaks prescription antibiotics or birth control pills could do the trick.
Severe Acne Treatments
A severe acne condition will include a lot of inflammation in the skin and will likely cover large areas of the skin. Large nodules that go deep into the skin are common as well. Persistent acne that seems to never go away may also be considered severe.
In this case, acne treatments that work will be prescribed through a knowledgeable dermatologist who can diagnose what is causing the acne and prescribe effective treatments. Treatment may include more potent oral prescriptions such as Accutane or cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels.
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