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Five Accident Claim Mistakes That Insurance Companies Want You To Make

Nobody said that processing accident claim forms was easy. It requires many hours of tedious paperwork. The process can drag on for months or years. But face it: you have no choice but to PLAY THE GAME if you want your money. Remember, insurance companies will look for any excuse to settle for less to save money. If you avoid the following mistakes, you can make sure you get the maximum amount you are entitled to get.
MISTAKE 1: Forego the medical examination and conceal facts. Many people skip a medical examination if the injury is not serious. They also don't reveal medical issues they faced before the accident. This damages your case. No matter how minor your case, visit a doctor right away, and reveal everything about conditions you have had before and after the accident. If the insurance company discovers any lapses regarding prior conditions, it may spoil your case.
MISTAKE 2: Neglect to collect evidence. The accident claim process relies heavily on evidence. After an accident many people are preoccupied or in shock and they forget to photograph the accident site thoroughly. They forget to collect relevant items such as clothing, shoes, appliances or machine parts as evidence to support their accident claim. This can reduce the chances of a successful claim.
MISTAKE 3: Don't take notes. Many people forget to maintain a diary of important details of their life since the accident. The idea is to write down any inconveniences or changes that you experience because of your injury, whether in your personal or professional life. Include all medical facts, however trivial you may think them to be. It's better to have too many details then too few.
MISTAKE 4: Don't keep track of expenses. You will only be reimbursed for those expenses you can prove in writing; it's that simple. Many people forget to keep a record of their expenses and lose out big time. Include all medical bills and the legal costs incurred to process your accident claim. Wherever possible, pay by check to ensure that an official record is maintained. Receipts are essential! Ask for a receipt for all payments. Also, keep a record of the wages you forfeited because of your inability to report to work.
MISTAKE 5: Don't stay in touch with lawyer. A lot of people don't understand that their lawyer is their main counsellor and guide through the accident claim process, and they should check in with them regularly. Update her on any developments related to your medical treatment, employment facts, etc. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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