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Futuristic Food Prep Takes Convenience to New Heights

Most of us didnt expect the glittering technology on The Jetsons to make an appearance in reality at least not in this lifetime. But, a machine that sounds suspiciously like Jane Jetsons automatic food preparer has already been perfected, except it only prepares pizza. Thats right, an automated pizzeria.
With the single push of a button, hungry eyes can watch a machine spread out dough, sprinkle toppings and bake a pizza without a physical operator.
The Pizzametry Automatic Pizza Vending Machine is about the size of a soda dispenser. The entire process takes all of three and a half minutes, and the result is a fresh, evenly cooked eight-inch personal pizza. Since no hands ever touch the pizza or its ingredients, the 24-hour pizzeria is completely sanitary.
In New York City, its possible to find fresh pizza good pizza on just about every other city block, explains Pizzametrys president and co-CEO John Kavazanjian. But what about the places where pizza means pre-packaged, additive-heavy food from a freezer? Our automatic pizzerias can be installed in airports, army bases, hospitals, convenience stores, college dorms, roadside rest stops and beyond.
It really does look like futuristic food preparation has arrived. For example, two Danish students from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design created a raincoat that catches rain water and converts it into purified drinking water.
In another instance, a French baker had an idea similar to Pizzametrys founder, Puzant Khatchadourian. But, instead of a vending machine that makes pizza using natural, fresh ingredients, the baker designed a baguette vending machine. Just like the automated pizzeria, it rolls out warm, freshly baked baguettes 24 hours around the clock.
Pizzametry management believes it will revolutionize the quick-service food industry, according to Alexei Muniak of Xnergy Financial (www.xnergyfinancial.com), an investment banking firm specializing in capital structuring for emerging growth companies. With the guidance of Xnergy Financial, Pizzametry is set up to have the right structure critical for business success.
If youre interested in learning more about the growth of Pizzametry, visit www.pizzametry.com. All other inquiries can be directed to John Kavazanjian at johnk@pizzametry.com.
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