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Guide To Bravo Teeth Whitening System

For those who fret about their teeth staining and turning yellow, there is good news in the form of the Bravo teeth whitening system that promises to restore color of the teeth at low costs that are no more than twenty-five dollars. Much research has been done on the efficacy of the Bravo teeth whitening system and, it is astonishing to realize that almost all the persons that had tried this system were found to be satisfied with using this product. The Bravo teeth whitening system is most effective on yellowed teeth or even, brown teeth. For grey colored teeth, it may be more advisable to use laser treatment as they are more difficult to remove than yellow stains. Mostly, the Bravo teeth whitening system is very useful as well as efficient but, it requires repeated visits every three months or so that will depend on the kind of food consumed as well as the patient's oral hygiene. Since the Bravo teeth whitening system generally performs all the tasks it sets out to accomplish and, delivers on its promises, it is not surprising that its popularity has grown almost overnight.
Results May Vary From Person to Person
That is not to say that every person will achieve the same results. However, by following the instructions faithfully and, not consuming foods that stain the teeth for a week following the application of the Bravo teeth whitening system, there should be little to complain about. In fact, it supposedly has a 96 percent success rate that is high by any yardstick of measurement. As with any other teeth whitening system, the Bravo teeth whitening system requires that the patient takes good care of the teeth after the treatment has been performed and, one should refrain from drinking caffeinated products for at least a week following application of the gel. In addition, the patient should refrain from smoking as well as consuming alcoholic drinks.
The success or failure of the Bravo teeth whitening system depends on the patient as well as the way he or she treats their teeth after having had treatment. Often, a patient may complain but any shortcomings may be due to neglecting to follow or ignoring instructions. This may also be the case in post-treatment guidelines not being followed. One may safely assume that with due care being taken in following instructions, the Bravo teeth whitening system will be as effective for patients, as is the case with the majority of satisfied users.
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