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HAI Flat Iron - Should You Buy One?

The HAI flat iron was one of the first to feature ceramic plates. There are a number of models to choose from but with all costing around $100 they aren't cheap. Some are good but there are some models that are now outdated and, quite frankly, overpriced.
The HAI Convertible Ceramic flat iron has been out for some years now. It has 1 1/4" ceramic plates and weighs a respectable 1.5lbs. It's a good tool and has features that are still lacking on other brands, such as variable temperature control. However, it now retails for around $80 to $90 dollars, which is a little on the expensive size. For instance the blurb tells you that it has a quick heat up time of just 25 seconds, but I don't know of any other brand that doesn't heat up slower than this at this price; in fact I know of others that have flash heat and will heat up to operating temperate in 1 or 2 seconds. It's good but it should be a little cheaper.
The HAI 2 ceramic flat iron is pretty much identical feature wise as the Covertible. The only real difference is that it comes with 2" plates. It costs about $5 to $10 more. Again, it's over priced for what it is. For the same price, you can buy the Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Iron Flat Iron (1-3/4"). Tourmaline coated ceramic plates are so much better than plain ceramic. The Solia is also a little lighter.
The HAI eLite Digistick Flat Iron is a much better option. It's expensive, retailing for around $140. It comes with 1" ceramic plates, digital heat setting anywhere between 180F to 380F and flash heating (ready to use in 1 or 2 seconds). It also only operates using 40 watts instead of the 100 watts of the older Convertible and HAI 2. However, I still don't rate this as highly as the Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Iron Flat. The Solia has temperature settings from 140F to 450F, can be used on damp hair (not advised with the HAI), tourmaline plates and costs a lot less.
The HAI eLite Tong Ionic flat iron is a 2" plate styling tool. It's unusual in that the plates are rounded rather than flat. It has a temperature range of between 180F to 410F. It's more of a curling iron than hair straightener - and it does a great job of curling.
Lastly, we have the HAI Twig Ceramic flat iron. The plates are only 3/8" wide. It a very good styling tool for fine or short hair and is fantastic at bangs and making tight curls. I can't think of any other brand that is comparable. Anyhow, if you're looking for a small hair straightener or one for styling curls, I would recommend you give the Twig some consideration. My only criticism is the price tag - it costs around $90 - over priced, but maybe it's worth it for those curls.
HAI flat irons are a well rated styling tool with most reviews giving each model a high score. I would also concur that they are great styling tools but I think they are a little over priced. Before you buy, my advice would be to compare them to a Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Iron Flat.
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