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Hair Transplant Surgery: Looking and Feeling Good

Why would anyone consider a hair transplant surgery solution to his or her hair loss condition? If you suffer from hair loss, it isn't so difficult to come up with a good answer to that question. Did you ever wonder what your life would be like if you just had your hair back? If you could look the way you did at 17 or at 25, before your hairline began to resemble your father's?
Many people think if they could just have their hair back, all their problems would go away. They'd have a better job, a better relationship, or more fun. Of course, we know that the grass always looks greener from the other side of the pasture and more hair will not magically make all of our problems disappear. But a deeper look at the emotional impact of hair loss reveals that hair loss affects our lives in unexpected ways and can change the way we live and the quality of our lives. And a deeper look at hair transplants reveals that restoring our natural appearance does in fact improve the quality of life.
For those who have lost their hair prematurely, like Dean Landers of New York City, the shock of losing one's identity can have long-term effects. Dean was only 22 when he first noticed his hair loss. A football player, and high school quarterback, Dean's life had always felt charmed. He'd had his pick of dates, schools and even, when he graduated, jobs. He never believed then that he might have to consider a hair transplant procedure. But as he began to experience hair loss, bits and pieces of his self-confidence disappeared along with his hair. He looked in the mirror every morning at a stranger as his hairline thinned and receded. He felt suddenly old and embarrassed about his looks. His relationship fell apart when Dean began wanting to stay in more. He lost confidence at his new job and began second guessing himself, and was passed over for a promotion everyone had expected him to get.
That's when Dean realized he'd stopped feeling like himself. He wanted the old Dean back. He went to a hair transplant surgery clinic and sought advice. He didn't like the idea of using a hair system or something he'd have to worry about and maintain. It just wasn't right for his lifestyle. He chose instead to get hair transplants, a surgical procedure that would allow him to regrow hair in the areas where he'd lost it. The whole procedure wasn't cheap, but at 25, Dean thought the hair transplant surgery was well worth the cost.
Within six months, he saw his hair regrowing. And within nine months, he looked MORE like himself again. That old Dean who'd found himself hiding indoors, feeling less-than, and worrying about an aging reflection, faded away. When he found his confidence again, he stepped back into his life. That's when he realized that looking good was only part of the struggle. To really regain his life, he had to feel good about himself again. Hair transplant surgery gave him that. He could stop worrying about his looks and concentrate on who he was in the world.
The term "hair replacement" is most often used to describe the method of nonsurgically replacing the hair through hair systems. The term "hair restoration" is most often used to describe hair transplant surgery, because the hair transplants are actually your own growing hair. The hair isn't replaced, but is literally restored. While nonsurgical hair replacement is probably the most effective means to achieving the most density and natural look possible, there are maintenance requirements if you go this route. On the other hand, hair transplant surgery, while more expensive than nonsurgical, has some important advantages. It is important that you discuss your options with a reputable hair transplant surgeon.
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