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Have a Hair-free Body for Summer

We all like to look and feel our best, and now that the winter months here this is the perfect time to start thinking about having hair free skin for summer.
The very latest technology used at Image by Laser is the Quantum Intense Pulsed Light device. This is a safe and effective method for permanent hair reduction.
The Quantum is a powerful machine and generally fewer treatments are required to get the same results as other machines, so there is also a huge cost saving.
Both men and women are finding out how easy the treatments can be. The technology used is more advanced than laser and more suitable to treat a large variety of skin and hair colours. Customised treatments ensure you will receive the very best result at Image by Laser.
The technology effectively works by penetrating the top layer of the skin, with a specific wavelength of light targeting melanin in the hair follicle which in turn damages and destroys the regrowth potential of the hair follicle.
Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal uses a chilled lens which cools the skin before, during, and after the light pulse, that will give a slight sting or pinch sensation, similar to the snap of a rubber band. Used in conjunction with our protective cold gel, any discomfort or reaction caused by Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal is reduced even further.
Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal, also known as photo epilation, specifically targets the follicle during the growth stage, destroying, or severely limiting its regrowth capacity.
This treatment is safe, non-invasive and no down-time is involved. The results are great for people who suffer with ingrown hairs or people who suffer with hormonal hair problems.
Unlike traditional methods, Intense Pulse Light leaves the surface of the skin undamaged, it also enhances the bodies own natural production of Collagen which in turn improves the condition of the skin.
Traditional treatments have had limited effect on lighter hair shades, however by combining the treatment with Meladine to give the hair pigment, all hair colours can be treated safely with Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal technology.
Treatment times and exposures may vary depending on the area being treated, hair colour and pigmentation of the skin. Prior to commencing treatment, all clients must have an initial pre-treatment to ascertain the correct level of exposure for their skin type, and to prepare the skin for the following treatment 24 hours later.
Image by Laser specialise in Hair removal treatments and are one of Brisbane's leading Cosmetic clinics all of our clients are treated with the upmost respect and confidentiality. Be wary of cheap prices because it will cost you more in the long run
Intense Pulse Light (IPL), Hair Removal is faster, less obtrusive, and more cost effective than any other hair removal system today. With authorised trained technicians, and FDA and TGA approval, Pulse Light Hair Removal is the answer for silky smooth, hair free skin.
Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal is the most advanced and effective permanent hair reduction process now available.
Far superior to traditional hair removal methods, Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal employs the latest technology to efficiently and effectively remove all hair types, without damaging the surrounding tissue.
With little to no interruption to your usual daily routine Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal is the perfect solution for long lasting, permanent hair reduction.
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