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Have Propecia, Grow Hair, Keep Trendy Hair Style

Is bald the real beauty? No, if it is so the nature has not provided us hair. There are hundred thousands to one hundred fifty thousands hair on the head of a normal human being. Hair depend on the inner skin for their existence and nourishment. They grow from saclike structures under the skin which known as follicles. The bottom part of the hair which is attached to skin is called hair root. Generally, 50 to 150 hairs fall everyday; there is nothing to worry about it. But, faster rate of hair fall can lead to baldness. Hair fall whenever proper nourishment is not available for them from follicles.
There are numerous types of baldness and remedies are also different. Male pattern baldness is a type of baldness from which at lot of people all over the world are suffering. This baldness is also known as Alopecia in men; Baldness-male; Hair loss in men. The main characteristics of this kind of baldness are remaining hair on the head acquire shape of 'M"and they become very thin. This baldness generally starts sat the age of 30, however many cases of early hair fall are also reported. The progress of this disease is slow and not associated with itching and pain. The slowness prevents people to take appropriate corrective measures to cure this disease.
Male pattern baldness is usually caused by hormonal disorder in the body and genetic also affect this kind of baldness. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a hormone secreted in the body to initiate the process of puberty in male. This hormone starts the growth of pubic hairs and beard but its effect on hair of head is reverse and deteriorating. It reduces the size of follicle in the scalp. Contracted follicles cannot hold and nourish hair hence hair starts falling. Thus, excess of DHT can be murderous for hair of head.
Male pattern baldness can be cured with the help of Propecia. This is an oral-prescription drug which has approval from FDA. Propecia pills come in volume of 1mg. Propecia (finasteride) is a steroid Type II(α) reductase which can synthesize DHT into 5-Alpha DHT which does not affect follicles of scalp. In simple words it inhibits the unwanted working of DHT and prevents hair from falling.
Pruritus, hypersensitivity, and swelling of lips are some side effects of Propecia. The side effects are mild and will disappear after the use of drug for few days. Though use of Propecia is not associated with any harmful side effect but it is necessary to get doctorâ€s advice before switching to this drug. While using the drug avoid making your sex partner to conceive child, as the exact result of using Propecia on an embryo is not known.
Propecia effectiveness on male pattern baldness is unquestionable and side effects are minor and short lived then why to continue with ugly baldness.
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