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Have You Been Fired? Get Help from Termination Law Attorneys

In California, there is a provision known as “at-will” employment. Under this rule, employees may be fired by their employers for whatever reason they see fit. In general, employers can fire their employees only when the grounds are stipulated in the contract. This is not applicable, however, to at-will employees.
In almost all places in the world, it is unjust for any company to fire their employees without any solid grounds. They can only do so if such employee is violating company rules and regulations. If there is valid reason, the company still needs to follow due process in serving the termination. The employee should still be given a chance to defend himself.
Let us say that an employee is being terminated because of an allegedly falsified tax declaration. Labor laws do not give him the authority to fire the employee. The best thing the employer can do is find out if the act of the employee is in violation of company rules and regulations. The next move is for the employer to inform the employee that they violated company rules and be given the chance to air their side. By doing so, the company will not be violating the Anti-Retaliation Law.
Due to the numerous rights and benefits enjoyed by an employee, employers should realize that they are liable to committing violations of the labor laws. In the performance of their duty, intentionally or unintentionally, any act that discriminates their employees makes them prone to being sued.
This is the reason why companies should employ lawyers who will handle their legal case. Employment laws have complicated provisions that can be understood only by competent and trustworthy lawyers.
Before terminating an employee, termination law attorneys will base their decision on the following guidelines:
The validity of the employee’s explanation of their violation or poor performance must be evaluated. Remember, the employee must be allowed to defend themselves. There should be a fair and objective investigation about the matter. As much as possible, the committee tasked to investigate should not be bias in making their decision.
In making their decision, the company should see to it that it is consistent with the manner of solving previous violations by other employees. Fired employees follow the lead of their co-workers who have committed the same violation. If the employee sees that their employer is doing something illegal in handling the case, the former has valid grounds for suing the latter.
The company should consider other options aside from termination. It could send a precedent to other employees especially if the fired employee is one of the best employees in the company. Suspension can be another alternative to termination.
In serving the termination, the company should see to it that the rights of the employee have been protected. Civil laws supersede corporate rules. If the offense was done because the employee is following laws of the state, then the employer cannot reprimand the employee. Otherwise, they can be liable to the employee.
Wrongfully or unjustly firing an employee is a clear violation of state and federal laws. If you or your loved one has been terminated without cause, there are experts that can help you in making a claim against your boss. Termination lawyers knows what to do and can recommend the best course of action you can take.
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