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Healthy Hair Reality with Herbal Hair Care Procerin Provillus

Healthy hair means strong and shining hair on your head. Only healthy hair provides you the luxury to comb them in attractive hair styles. Men or Women, healthy hair is equally important for everyone. Alas! Hair loss diseases do not permit everyone to enjoy the luxury of attractive hair style. Gradual hair loss finally leads to baldness. Baldness in men is more prevalent than baldness in women. Pollution, reaction of soaps and shampoos, rough combing, reaction of medications or hormonal disorder; the factors behind baldness are numerous.
Hormonal disorder causes baldness more than nothing else. Unwanted effect of puberty hormone 'testosterone' is the prime cause of baldness in men. Testosterone in its latter phase converts into DHT, this final product of testosterone clogs hair follicles and leads to fall of hair. Baldness of this sort is known as male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. Procerin and Provillus are two herbal medications, which can cure this sort of baldness. These medications are made up of all natural ingredients. Saw Palmetto and Gotu Kola are the two prime ingredients of herbal hair loss cure Procerin and Provillus. Procerin especially has DHT blocker Nesstles, which by blocking the conversion of testosterone into DHT stops further hair loss. While it's other ingredients open up DHT affected hair follicles. Hair growth takes place in these newly opened hair follicles because herbal hair care product Procerin is rich in vitamins and minerals.
The effect of Procerin is oriented only on male pattern baldness. Provillus is different from Procerin in this regard as it is a common solution for hair loss diseases in men and women. All most all ingredients of Procerin are found in Provillus herbal hair care medication too. Other than identical ingredient Provillus has vitamin B6, Biotin, Magnesium, Nettle root, Curcubita Maxima, Eleuthero, Uva-Ursi, Muria Puama. All these ingredients make Provillus effective in almost all type of baldness.
Herbal medications are generally free of any side effect. This applies to herbal hair care Procerin and Provillus too. There should be no worry about any side effect while using Provillus and Procerin herbal cure for hair loss diseases. The efficacy of these medications is proven by the fact that as being herbal the ingredients of these medications are in use for centuries.
Dosages of Procerin and Provillus are easy to take. Procerin or Provillus whichever medication you are taking; the general pattern of dosage is a tablet each time twice a day. Maintain a gap of 10 hours between two consecutive dosages. Since hair growth is a slow process, therefore to see any significant result Procerin or Provillus should be used at least for three months. The complete course of medication can be 1 year long. The treatment done by Provillus and Procerin is permanent. Generally hair loss diseases, treated with herbal hair cure Procerin and Provillus, do not come back.
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