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High End Mature Skin Care Using Essential Oils

Want to use a high-end skin care formula but are put off by the cost? Looking for something truly customized for your skin type? Feeling uncomfortable with all those ingredients you cannot pronounce? Why not make your own blend, with completely pure high grade botanicals at a fraction of the cost? Here's three fantastic recipes for woman's mature skin -- effective beauty care you can make at home quickly, and within a budget.
Concentrated Beauty Medicine: The Essential Oils
You'll find essential oils in every "high end" mature skin beauty product, though sometimes you'll see them discretely labeled as "plant extracts" or similar terms. The thing is that many folks still don't realize that essential oils truly are medicine, not just fine smelling precious liquid in tiny bottles. When you understand that essential oils are simply the concentrated "volatile" (easily evaporated liquid) constituents naturally present in ALL plants, you'll see that they're nothing less than any other herbal concentrate. And essential oils are so very compatible with our skin -- they are very easily absorbed -- that they can actually work better than other types of botanical skin care ingredients. Making a custom recipe for yourself is as simple as matching the therapeutic properties of the essential oils to your skin's needs -- then mixing them together with one or more "fixed" oils, and voila! You've got the perfect daily skin care creation.
Woman's Oil of Beauty: Rose Essential Oil
On to the ingredients -- we'll look at several, and note which ones are best for each skin type. The heart of every formula for woman's mature skin care is also the premier beauty oil of all time: Rose Otto. This steam distilled variety of Rose essential oil is nearly miraculous in its therapeutic beauty care benefits for woman's skin. Rose offers a synergy of effects, being emollient, softening and hydrating in addition to being gently stimulating and cleansing. Amazingly, it is also considered astringent (remember its also hydrating at the same time) and can heal redness, broken capillaries and inflammation. It is somewhat costly, but for your recipe, you'll only need a few drops -- the smallest size available will virtually always be enough, and probably enough for several bottles of your recipe. And oh MY, even those tiny amounts smell simply Out-Of-This-World!
Calendula: Nature's Healing Magic
Calendula oil has been used for hundreds of years for all sorts of skin care uses. Its exceptionally soothing, with the traditional use being for infant's skin care. The flowers have been hard to work with however, limiting the uses of this magnificent medicinal plant. A new extraction technique now offers us a Calendula oil concentrate, often labeled Calendula CO2. This new extract is highly antioxidant, powerfully wound-healing, and one of the most effective soothers of irritated or damaged skin available on Earth.
Stimulate, Regenerate and Cleanse
We'll also add something truly regenerative -- one or more essential oils that really helps the skin look and feel ALIVE. Three excellent choices are Rosemary Verbenone, Helichrysum italicum, and French Lavender. Rosemary has also been used in skin care for hundreds (maybe even thousands) of years. Cleansing and invigorating, Rosemary increasing the metabolism of skin cells (more nutrients in and more waste out). The Verbenone type contains a natural constituent considered by therapists to speed tissue regeneration, making healthier skin faster! Helichrysum is more potent than Rosemary as an anti-inflammatory, and regenerative, but not quite as stimulating to cell metabolism or as strong an anti-septic. Lavender is likely the most common of the regenerative skin care essential oils; its very gentle, soothing, balancing, and cleansing -- its also quite floral, so if you like earthier aromas, choose Rosemary or Helichrysum, if you enjoy flower-scents, go for the Lavender.
A final two essential oils with significant therapeutic action in skin care: Green Myrtle and Sandalwood. Both of these oils are considered highly balancing, bringing oils back to a healthy middle ground. Sandalwood is excellent for both oily AND dry skin, adding a pleasing, grounding, earthy aroma to your formula (it is quite popular in men's skin care too). Myrtle is astringent, tightening, antiseptic, and has a fresh, bright, herbaceous aroma with a lemony-twist.
Holding It All Together: Your Formula's Base
While the essential oils are often considered the "active ingredients", its important to consider the "carrier oils" are exceptionally therapeutic as well. For these recipes, we highly recommend the use of two very well-regarded tropical nut oils: Coconut and Kukui. Coconut has a very long history (thousands of years, actually) in skin care, mentioned often in Ayurvedic medicine. It is antimicrobial and hydrating (spanning the needs from the acne prone to the chronically dry). Kukui has similar properties, and remains liquid at room temperature -- allowing easy mixing and application of your custom recipe. These two oils have been used by peoples of tropical climes to care for the skin of the young and old, successfully, for so long -- and now you too can reap their benefits.
Rosehip Seed: A Woman's Beauty Gift from the Mountains of Chile
For everyone EXCEPT those prone to acne, Rosehip Seed oil is the third important base oil. Rosehip seed naturally balances the incredible tropical nut oils, coming from the high mountain arid regions of South America. Rosehip seed may be the most thoroughly studied carrier oil for skin care use -- and with excellent results. Rosehip has been shown to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and scars, while smoothing overall skin texture and color. Imagine what its going to do with all these other top-notch therapeutic ingredients...let's get on to mixing them.
Putting It All Together for Your Custom Formula:
Ingredients: 1 dark glass bottle 30 or 60ml (1 or 2 ounces). Blue cobalt is beautiful. Brown is also appropriate. You'll want to use a dark colored glass to protect the essential oils. Also: 1 funnel, essential oils and carrier oils of choice.
Mixing instructions: Add the required number of drops of each essential oil to your empty bottle. If making 2 ounces, double the amounts, 4 ounces, 4 times, etc. With a funnel, add approximate amounts of your carrier oil -- if using all three carrier oils, for example, just fill the bottle about a third of the way with each oil. Don't overfill, as you won't be able to get the eyedropper in (if using one) without spilling! Gently invert the bottle several times and let set for a bit. The aroma will not really be brilliant until the following day, but you can use the mixture right away. The formulas are designed for using one to 3 times per day. On to the recipes:
Healing Beauty Formulas For Every Skin Type:
Moderate to sever dry skin with smile lines: Rose Otto 8 drops, Lavender 12 drops, Calendula CO2 6 drops, three parts Coconut and one part each Kukui and Rosehip seed oils.
Mature skin with scars or color variations and smile lines: Rose Otto 6 drops, Lavender 8 drops, Helichrysum 6 drops, Rosemary V. 6 drops, Equal parts Coconut, Kukui, and Rosehipseed oils.
Irritated or sensitive skin, perhaps with broken capillaries: Rosemary 8 drops, Lavender 6 drops, Calendula CO2 6 drops, Sandalwood 6 drops, in three parts Coconut and one part each Kukui and Rosehip seed oils.
For oily, acne-prone or combination skin: Myrtle 10 drops, Lavender 8, drops, Rosemary V., 6 drops, in equal parts of Kukui and Coconut oils.
And there you have it: incredibly effective "mature skin" care blends for every woman. Once you make one of these yourself, and realize you may have just made yourself the best skin care formula EVER, you can experiment a little with one or more of the hundreds of essential oils available. Each has unique therapeutic properties that are highly compatible to our skin. Here's to your happy, healthy glow!
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