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How to Become a Successful Lawyer

A lawyer is a link between the litigant and the judiciary. He pleads for his clients and tries to win the law suit on merits of the case. Since he commands a distinct position in the legal process, he is expected to posses qualities like strong moral charter, diligence, intelligence and sharpness of skills in the practice of his profession. His dealing with his clients, fellow lawyers and court must be honest enough to reflect his integrity beyond doubt. His hours of work are long as he has to prepare cases as well as document like will, trust, instruments, lease deeds, contracts and transfer deed. Thus legal practitioner/ lawyer is the legal counsellor, and confident of his client and is likely to advise on problem that may be very personal.
There are a large number of big business houses and commercial organisations, which employ person from legal profession to defend their business interests. Similarly Corporate/Public Sector organisations such as Life Insurance Corporation, General Insurance Corporation, Unit Trust of India and Legal Assistants to handle their respective matters bearing legal implications. The Legal Advisors aid and advise their employers regarding matters of Legal importance. Law officers frame law suits with active assistance from legal assistants and follow them in the court of Law.
Choosing Your Specialization in Legal Profession
Of the plethora of specializations available in the legal profession you have to decide your field of practice. Your first consideration in this regard will be your personal liking whether it is handling the criminal, civil, family dispute cases etc. or your choice may be combination or 2-3 or more specializations. There may even be on limit with regard to cases you want to handle. Specialization in a particulars area of law such as civil, criminal constitutional and taxation law is almost essential for a legal practitioner.
Qualities you need to become a successful lawyer
Everybody wants to know, how to become a successful lawyer. The very first thing you need is intelligence. While as a student you are required to study law with clarity of mind, analytical ability and logical interpretation later when you practice law, you cannot do without having a clear and lucid expression, good memory to relate and quote past cases to prove you point and of course a clear and loud voice. The legal profession requires you to have sufficient knowledge provisions and ability to use the knowledge.
As far as requirements of legal profession are concerned, it is not necessary that you have a very high percentage of marks. In fact, success in this profession is directly related to your ability of quick understanding, analytical ability, and interpretation of the various legal aspects of the case. You success as a lawyer and your method of dealing with your clients will enable to carve a distinct niche for your self.
In order to become a successful lawyer, you also have to have abilities to dig out facts, express them verbally or in writing convincing power, hard work and dedication towards the profession. This particular profession also requires you preferably to have an extrovert type of personality. Last but not the least, legal profession also requires patience and perseverance. A good library and a fair amount of reading are also most important factors. If you think you have most of these qualities and feel quite enthusiastic and confident to meet challenges that may come in your way, then you can opt for low as a profession.
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