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How To Clean Up When Puppy Makes A Mess

Like our more personal problems, when pets leave a mess on our carpets or upholstery, especially urine, it doesn't just stay on the surface. Sometimes it really sinks in. Proper deep cleaning of pet mess requires a few special cleaning solutions and tactics specific to the mess, and we have compiled a brief cleaning guide for you here.
When pet urine or other mess dries and evaporates, it leaves urine crystals in the fabric of your carpets or sofas. Depending on the severity of the stain, these crystals can go down as far as the underlay of the carpet, or into the cushions of your furniture, far past the fabric itself.
What is left behind is a kind of concentrated urine, and this is what makes the stain and the smell that we associate with pet mess. These urine crystals can be reactivated by adding moisture into the carpet or upholstery (ever notice how bad smells get worse in humid weather?) causing a pungent odor and allowing the stain to spread further.
If you find a pet stain that has been there already for some time, chances are you will need to call a one-off carpet cleaning company to extract the stain using proper equipment and industrial strength chemicals. If your pet has just made the mess, chances are you can get it out yourself by following these simple steps:
Step #1 - You can blot up any excess moisture from the urine on carpets or upholstery using dry paper towels. Repeat this process until the affected area is dry to the touch.
Step #2 - Apply a high-powered cleaning solution to the affected area of your carpet or sofa. Do not use too much, as this will saturate the area and you will have to remove the moisture before being able to clean it again. Gently work the cleaning solution into the surrounding fibres using a rag or cloth. Be sure to test the solution on an inconspicuous area to prevent color bleeding.
Step #3 - Pour a small amount of lukewarm water onto the area and blot it out with paper towels, like you did with the urine already. This should remove any discoloration or traces of urine.
If you have a wet-vac or stain removal kit, these work best for sucking the urine straight out of the carpet. This allows you to apply cleaning solution and remove the stain immediately. If you have trouble removing pet mess with the methods described here, call your local one-off cleaning company for help.
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