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How To Craft Helpful Posts for a Product Review Blog

Writing product reviews is one of those tasks that seems easy until you try it. Its tricky to balance the right amount of information with a healthy dose of opinion.

At times, crafting a helpful product review blog post may seem so tough that it isnt even worth it!

But well let you in on a secret people want to hear what you have to say. In fact, research suggests that most consumers turn to product reviews to help make purchasing decisions.

Thats a whole lot of power, but it comes with a caveat: your posts need to be helpful. Not sure how to craft helpful product review blog posts? Not to worry, weve got your back.

Here are a few helpful tips to get you started on writing product reviews that your audience will love.

Write For Your Audience

Of course, you cant create the next big blog without first having an audience. Finding your audience can be pretty tricky, especially if youre reviewing products that other, bigger blogs review.

However, that doesnt mean finding your audience is impossible. It just means that youll need to find your niche.

As a reviewer, you have a unique set of experiences and opinions which is reflected in your posts. Even if you have a similar opinion to those of the other reviewers, no two people see a product in the exact same way.

Think about what you have to offer and who your blog should appeal to. Informed consumers? Uninformed consumers? A little bit of everyone?

Theres no wrong answer here. But before you review your first product, you will need to know who youre writing for.

Write With A Purpose

While writing a review isnt always a walk in the park, it does have a pretty simple formula.

Introduce the product Introduce features about said product State opinion Conclusion

Thats it. Really, writing helpful product review blog posts doesnt need to be like pulling teeth. But the trick is to write with purpose.

William Faulkner once said that writers need to kill their darlings. This means that writers cant be precious with their content.

Reviews need to be short and to the point with as little filler as possible.

Product Review Blog Posts Should Be Skimmable

Even if you craft a great review, theres no guarantee that audiences will read the entire thing. People simply dont have the time in todays busy world.

Accordingly, youll need to adjust your writing style. Write in simple, approachable sentences that arent too long or complicated.

Additionally, ensure that your posts are skimmable. This means that a reader can scroll through your post and still get the general point of the review.

First, always use headers for the various sections of your review. That way if a user is looking for specific information, he or she can find it quickly.

Next, use bold text to accentuate the reviews main points. This isnt always necessary, but it stands out and grabs the readers attention.

Finally, include a final review score or summary. If a reader doesnt have time to read the entire review, theyll likely head straight to the conclusion. Make sure they still get the gist of your opinion.

Learn Linking Lessons

Whether youre a reviews blogger or a general blogger, every post should include at least a few links. Linking is a great way to establish an authors credibility, as well as boost a sites SEO ranking.

However, linking can be a little tricky, especially if youre new to the blogging world. First and foremost, always include a link to the product youre discussing.

Say youre looking at different TV options. When discussing a specific product, say an aerial antenna, you can write something like learn more at this link and link to the product.

Show Related Articles

Want to increase the time visitors spend on your site? The solution is simple: implement a sidebar.

This sidebar should include information about the website, as well as a list of related articles. Now, this is going to require a bit of tagging and indexing on your part, but its worth it.

Break reviews up into categories, and tag them accordingly before posting. That way if a user is interested in a similar product, he or she wont need to leave your site to read a review.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Writing a product review blog post is a great way to get some eyes to your site. But did you know that video tends to get more eyeballs than most written articles?

Todays audiences are always on the go. As a result, it may be easier to watch a quick three-minute video instead of reading an entire review.

Plan for this by condensing your review into a short-form video. Youll already have your script outline, just film the product in use.

Read Feedback

Most content creators hate reading feedback, which is understandable. It may feel like the audience is attacking something you worked hard on.

However, there are lessons to be learned in most user comments. Make sure to take these suggestions to heart.

For instance, if a user felt that a review wasnt thorough enough, you can better outline product features in the future. Or if a video seemed too dark, youll know to adjust lighting for your next review.

A quick note: it isnt necessary to listen to every users opinion. Some people get a kick out of harassing others. However, for every troll, there are at least two great opinions that you can learn from.

Disclose Deals

Last but not least, always make sure to disclose deals. Readers are already skeptical of most advertisements, but you can earn their trust by staying honest.

If a business sent you a product for review, let your audience know up front. It doesnt need to change your overall opinion of the product, but it should be disclosed.

If youre not sure where to start, check the FTCs helpful Endorsement Guide.

Final Thoughts On Crafting Helpful Product Review Blog Posts

As a reviewer, its important to keep each and every one of these tips in mind. Youre facing a lot of competition, after all, but stay honest and true to your mission. Before you know it youll get more traffic than you couldve ever imagined!

Be sure to keep checking ArticleCity for more helpful tips on blogging, marketing, and more.

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