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How to Make Your Halloween Bash Wickedly Creative

Have you ever walked into a happening Halloween party bumping music like Kid Rock or Rebecca Black? Of course not. Party throwers, beware: the right spooky playlist can take a party from yawningly decent to over-the-top spectacular in moments.
But this isnt just any party were talking about this is Halloween, and your bash needs more than candy and crepe paper to be a hit. Theres a select number of Halloween party dos and donts that all hosts and hostesses should be aware of. Music is critical, but it isnt everything.
Do crank up a creative Halloween music mix: Obvious picks are Thriller and The Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show, but thats only a start. Halloween party music must have a haunting quality that still causes bodies to gyrate and arms to fist-pump. If punk rock is your musical poison, a certain soundtrack may set the perfect loud atmosphere.
Horror flick Night of the Demons from Seven Arts Pictures combined Zombie Girl, Creature Feature, 45 Grave and more for a scarily popular soundtrack. In fact, it was only released after the movies fans demanded it with relentless enthusiasm. This incredibly spooky soundtrack is available at most local music stores, or it can be purchased directly from iTunes.
Dont deafen your guests: Although dancing is a non-negotiable necessity for good parties, we cant ignore the minglers who thrive off stimulating conversation. Keep the volume cranked in one room and turn it down in another. The quieter music keeps the ghoulish festivity alive without killing all possible conversation.
Do add some flair by offering spooky cocktails: Nuclear Waste, Vampires Kiss and Green Goblin are tasty choices. Or, increase the creep factor on your favorite drink with simple food coloring and use eyeball or fingernail gummies instead of lemon wedges and olives.
Dont spend extravagantly: Since adult beverages and food can add up, save money on decorations. Food coloring really is a blessing. Old white sheets and red food coloring create a gory, blood-spattered corner or table display. Keep lights turned low, or throw dark-colored scarves and pillow cases over your lampshades for a shadowy setting. Candles also provide an eerie element to any room.
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